Ozempic Use Sheds Light On Startups With Natural Solutions

Sky News reported on the recent surge in popularity of weight loss injections like Ozempic and Wegovy, originally designed to treat diabetes. Repurposed as quick fixes for weight loss, these drugs have gained attention on social media platforms like TikTok and among Hollywood celebrities.

These drugs, including the newly introduced Mounjaro, offer rapid weight loss but come with potential side effects like nausea and serious risks such as kidney failure. Despite their effectiveness, concerns persist about their availability and impact.

Alongside this trend, there’s a rise in natural weight management solutions offered by apps and startups, focusing on holistic approaches for sustainable results. These initiatives strive to empower individuals to make lasting lifestyle changes for better health.


Startups And Apps Pioneering Natural Weight Management


Instead of chemical injections for weight loss, there are startups and apps offering holistic, natural solutions. These platforms provide personalised plans, nutritional guidance, and lifestyle support to help users shed pounds sustainably. By leveraging technology and personalised approaches, they empower individuals to make healthier choices and achieve their weight management goals naturally, without artificial interventions.


Holly Health


Holly Health offers personalised lifestyle behaviour change coaching to combat obesity and improve overall health. Partnered with over 180 NHS practices, Holly Health empowers individuals to adopt healthier habits through web and mobile apps.

With validated outcomes including reduced GP appointments and improved health markers, Holly Health’s approach focuses on small, sustainable changes supported by psychological models. Users praise the app’s encouraging tone and effective strategies, making it a valuable tool in the fight against obesity.






Freeletics offers personalised digital fitness coaching, combining AI and human expertise to create tailored workout plans. With over 57 million users, Freeletics provides motivation, personalisation, and flexibility in workout routines. Its powerful insights and daily guidance help users achieve consistent results, regardless of their fitness level.

With a range of home and gym workout sessions, Freeletics fosters a supportive community of “Free Athletes” encouraging progress and celebrating success.






myDNAhealth offers DNA testing services that analyse genetic markers related to weight loss, food intolerances, and overall health. Their expert team develops personalised DNA tests to help individuals understand their genetic response to diet and lifestyle choices.

Unlike other services, myDNAhealth focuses on actionable genetic markers, providing relevant and understandable insights for specific health problems. With reliable and actionable information, users can make informed decisions to optimise their health and well-being.







YAZIO, a leading nutrition app, is on a mission to help people worldwide live healthier lives through better nutrition. Founded by Sebastian and Florian, YAZIO combines their passion for healthy eating with digital innovation.

With millions of users across 150 countries, YAZIO offers a free version for basic nutrition guidance and a PRO version with exclusive features like a recipe database and fasting trackers.






Neutrally is revolutionising fat loss with its innovative approach to metabolism. Their wearable sensor helps users track real-time fat burning, offering personalised insights into nutrition, exercise, and overall wellbeing.

By focusing on ketone monitoring and glucose stabilisation, Neutrally empowers users to optimise their diets, boost workouts, enhance brain function, balance hormones, and fight chronic diseases.






Nutriri offers group hypnotherapy and courses to promote food and body ease, addressing weight loss without judgment or discussion of personal weight intentions. With a focus on intuitive eating and enjoyable movement, Nutriri fosters a supportive community for individuals seeking to step off the yo-yo weight cycle.

Their approach, developed over nine years, encourages self-acceptance and mindfulness, helping users find peace with their bodies and food choices.






Healum is an AI-powered patient management system designed to help healthcare providers offer personalised care and support for patients, especially those dealing with weight loss or obesity.

Their software connects healthcare teams with patients, enabling remote monitoring and personalised health plans. This empowers individuals to take control of their health in collaboration with professionals, leading to improved health outcomes and a better quality of life.