Is TikTok Replacing LinkedIn For Recruitment?

Silicone Republic reported on the rising trend of using TikTok for recruitment, highlighting its appeal to Gen Z talent. James Neave of Adzuna acknowledges its usefulness but advises against exclusive reliance on the platform for hiring, suggesting it as a supplement to traditional methods.

Meanwhile, in the broader landscape, various avenues, including recruitment startups, are emerging to help individuals secure their dream roles. These startups offer solutions to streamline job searches and match candidates with suitable opportunities, reflecting the evolving dynamics of the job market.


The Rise Of TikTok Recruitment


Silicone Republic reported that TikTok is becoming a hotspot for recruitment, with employers leveraging the platform to engage Gen Z talent. Speaking to Silicone Republic, James Neave, Adzuna’s head of data science, notes that while TikTok won’t replace traditional hiring platforms, it’s a valuable tool for reaching young talent.

TikTok’s #jobsearch and #CareerTok hashtags have billions of views, indicating its popularity among job seekers. Companies like Google and SheerLuxe are using TikTok to showcase their workplace culture, while others, including Chipotle and Target, have launched innovative recruitment campaigns on the platform.

However, Neave advises against relying solely on TikTok for hiring, especially for senior roles, due to its predominantly younger user base. Instead, it should complement traditional methods like job boards and LinkedIn ads. Authenticity is crucial on CareerTok, with transparency about salary and culture being key to attracting Gen Z talent.


Interesting Statistics


TopResume has compiled job-search statistics to shed light on the challenges and strategies for success in finding employment. According to their data, networking plays a significant role in job searching, with 60% of jobs being secured through connections rather than online job boards.

Additionally, 75% of resumes are rejected by applicant tracking systems before reaching hiring managers, emphasising the importance of tailoring resumes to match job descriptions and considering professional resume writing services.

LinkedIn is a vital tool for recruiters, with 77% relying on the platform for candidate searches. Maintaining a polished social media presence is also crucial, as 54% of employers admit to rejecting candidates based on their profiles. Professional resumes also correlate with a 7% increase in earning potential and a quicker job search, with most candidates securing employment within three months.

Understanding these statistics can help job seekers navigate the competitive landscape and increase their chances of success.


How Are People Looking For Jobs?


When it comes to finding a job, there are various avenues one can explore, regardless of whether you’re a recent graduate or an experienced professional seeking a career change. Here are six strategies to navigate your job search journey:


1. Leverage Your Network: Reach out to your contacts and let them know you’re on the lookout for new opportunities. Networking is a powerful tool, often leading to job referrals from trusted sources within your industry.


2. Attend Networking Events: Industry conferences, workshops, and alumni gatherings are ideal opportunities to expand your network and discover potential job leads. Prepare by bringing professional materials like business cards and resumes.


3. Directly Contact Companies: Visit company websites to explore available positions and reach out directly via email or phone. Even if a company isn’t actively hiring, expressing your interest can land you on their radar for future opportunities.


4. Utilise Job Search Platforms: Websites like Indeed and LinkedIn offer extensive job listings and allow you to tailor your search based on specific criteria such as location and industry.


5. Participate In Job Fairs: Job fairs provide a platform to connect with multiple employers in one setting. Research attending companies beforehand and come prepared with resumes and thoughtful questions.


6. Engage On Social Media: Follow companies of interest on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Actively participate by commenting on posts and building relationships with potential employers.



Recruitment Startups


In today’s job market, recruitment startups specialise in matching talent with dream jobs. Using advanced technology, they connect candidates with opportunities that align with their skills and aspirations. Whether you’re a recent graduate or an experienced professional, these startups are invaluable resources for navigating the job search scene.






StepsConnect is a recruitment platform tailored for the next generation workforce. It offers innovative solutions for companies seeking to attract Gen Z and Millennials talent. With AI-powered tools and a user-friendly interface, StepsConnect streamlines the hiring process, providing exceptional candidate experiences.

From creating standout job posts to seamless integration with ATS, it’s the go-to platform for forward-thinking companies aiming to connect with emerging talent. Explore StepsConnect now to transform your recruitment strategy.






Malt is more than just a freelance marketplace; it’s a thriving community where individuals come together to make a difference, both personally and professionally. As a freelancer, company, or employee, Malt offers a supportive environment where diversity, equity, and inclusion are paramount.

With a commitment to creating a safe space for everyone, Malt fosters a culture of belonging and growth. From fair HR policies to employee resource groups, Malt ensures that every member can thrive and succeed. With opportunities for internal mobility, flexible work arrangements, and personal development, Malt empowers its members to carve out their own path to success.






Screenloop offers a comprehensive Talent Operations Platform that goes beyond traditional applicant tracking systems. With features like interview intelligence, AI notes, and seamless scaling, it empowers global teams to attract and retain top talent effortlessly.

Its powerful AI streamlines operations and reduces costs, while its integrated solutions cover every aspect of the hiring process. From applicant tracking to data analytics, Screenloop provides a smarter, more affordable solution for talent acquisition.




Muzzo offers a streamlined recruitment solution for employers seeking top talent. With a network of over 1,000 specialised headhunters, Muzzo simplifies the hiring process, enabling companies to fill positions three times faster. Employers post job ads, receive qualified candidates within 48 hours, and streamline the interview process.

With a focus on efficiency and effectiveness, Muzzo helps companies recruit without exhausting resources, reducing recruitment inefficiencies and ensuring quality hires.






Qneiform revolutionises talent acquisition with its innovative platform. For recruiters, it offers unparalleled access to the entire market, enabling them to focus on building relationships, completing mandates, and boosting revenue. Hiring firms benefit from benchmarking against competitors and effortlessly identifying top candidates.

The platform provides real-time insights, personalised analytics, and AI-powered recommendations, streamlining the hiring process and ensuring the best hires with the highest ROI.