Announced! Top 40 Jewish Entrepreneurs Under 40 2022

Following the success of last year’s list, TechRound is delighted to announce the Top 40 Jewish Entrepreneurs Under 40 For 2022 – as selected by our expert panel of judges.

From schmutter to startups, we give you our Top Jewish Entrepreneurs who have made their mark in the 2022. Thank you to our judging panel who provided such a fantastic list of entrepreneurs and B”H next year in Jerusalem!


Our Judging Panel


Danny Bluestone – CEO of Cyber Duck, a Digital Transformation Agency

danny bluestone

Andy Viner – Audit Partner & Global Head of Media at BDO

andy viner




Dr Elizabeth Michelle – Chartered Psychologist and Psychotherapist at

elizabeth michelle

TechRound Team



How We Created Our List

  • Entrepreneurs are under 40
  • They have overcome challenges, demonstrated true entrepreneurship or have broken away from a comfortable environment to pursue their career
  • Their business has shown tremendous growth in the last 12 months


Feedback From Judges

“This year group is very different to last year’s. Certainly last year was largely inspired by the outcome of covid, lockdown and the pandemic and this generated a lot of entrepreneurship. Many young people were finding new ideas and opportunities, especially in food and entertainment and others were furloughed and had the time to finally grow their side projects. A reminder that crisis can often bring out new opportunities and innovation.”

“We are always inspired by those that go out of their comfort zone and are willing to start a business they are passionate about from scratch. It takes guts in our community to branch out and sometimes give up a great job and salary to grow something new – and these successful entrepreneurs have done just that.”


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Nick Gale, 34, Digital Farm Animals (Music)

Digital Farm Animals aka Nick Gale


Nick Gale, otherwise known as Digital Farm Animals, is a songwriter, producer and DJ. His achievements include being signed by Simon Cowell’s Syco label and he has had collaborations with Craig David, Dua Lipa and, amongst many other household names.

Despite studying Law at the University of Nottingham and working for a commercial law firm, his interest in music persisted and he took time out to focus on it.

Nick made the most of the spare time he had, making music in his bedroom when he was working for his local magazine or at a bar.  He also took inspiration from his university bedroom by naming himself ‘Digital Farm Animals’ because it overlooked a farm of pigs.

In 2021, Nick worked with KSI on their album ‘All Over the Place’ which involved producing and co-writing 5 songs. He is also a devoted father of 2.

Jasmine Eskenzi, 26, The Zensory (Wellness App)

Jasmine Eskenzi


Jasmine Eskenzi is the Founder of The Zensory, a cutting edge immersive app, designed to boost mood and mindset using multi-sensory experiences. Backed by +200 research papers and world-leading professors, The Zensory offers curated music, binaural beats, naturescapes, touchpads, scents and more to super boost focus and relaxation in order to help people thrive and combat overwhelm in our busy modern lives. Working with the NHS, Google and other leading tech companies internationally, The Zensory is already making an impact across the global scene.

Jasmine has also co-founded Health Tech Hive, a community to connect, educate and empower female innovators in global health tech and has also released award-winning women’s health research and launched events alongside companies such as Google and NHSx. Jasmine formerly worked with NHSx and the All Party Parliamentary Group for Longevity in the UK and she is also the podcast host of ‘Play Positivity’, sharing wisdom from leading positive psychologists and is a published musician and songwriter aiming to use music to improve mental health and wellbeing.


Alexia Baron, 32, Porto&Bello (Accessible Clothing) – Special Mention Award

Alexia Baron


Alexia Baron is the founder of Porto&Bello, a leisure clothing designed to meet the needs of cancer patients.

The business idea emerged after Alexia received life changing news. At 29, she was diagnosed with breast cancer whilst 34 weeks pregnant with her second child in March 2020 just before the pandemic hit.

Having to undergo chemotherapy straight after giving birth, she found the clothes during her treatment to be inaccessible, exposed and uncomfortable – and so, the idea for a more comfortable clothing range was born.

The leisure range includes a hoodie and sweater which are designed with discretion. They have two-way zips across the chest and arms making it easier for those undergoing treatments to be accessed.

The inspiration for the name Porto&Bello came from the port Alexia had been fitted that administered drugs during her treatment. The startup has even had interest from as far as Australia and Alexia is determined to find ways to get the products out to those needing it.

Alexia has developed a huge following on social media, showcasing her clothing range, with over 1.5 million likes and over 19k followers on TikTok.


Lisa Fox, 36 and Stacey Jaffey, 36 Consultants (PR Consultancy)

Stacey Jaffe and Lisa Fox


Lisa Fox and Stacey Jaffe are the co-founders of Espresso, a boutique PR consultancy tailoring campaigns to meet the individual needs and deliver results for clients. Espresso launched in February 2021 and with over 30 years combined experiences between the two founders in PR.

Being founded during the pandemic, Lisa and Stacey emphasise the escapism they found in creating Espresso in the midst of homeschooling. Though only one-year old Espresso has been put in charge of working with one of the nations largest restaurant chains and in the future looks forward to different challenges as they cover all different sectors.


Jordan Sclare, Restauranteur (Food)


jordan sclare


Jordan Sclare is an award-winning chef of Chotto Matte, a Japanese-Peruvian fusion restaurant. Jordan’s desire to become a chef began at a young age with a particular school project at age 7 that captured his interest in cooking and showing his food to an audience.

At 16, Jordan enrolled in an International Culinary Arts program at Thames Valley University whilst he also interned at the Savoy Hotel London; an experience that exposed Jordan to fine dining. Whilst at university Jordan became interested in Asian gastronomy and in creating high-end Asian dishes and he later secured a position under Gordon Ramsay in his 3-Michelin Star restaurant in Chelsea.

After working under Ramsay,  Jordan remarkably became the youngest sous-chef at Nobu, aged 25. It was here that he met Kurt Zdesar (founder of Chotto Matte) who was working as the head of development at Nobu and who became a big influence in his career.

Sclare’s journey with Chotto Matte as Executive Head Chef has been filled with travel alongside a deep appreciation for understanding food and specifically the flavours that can be combined to create unique dishes. He is also a keen basketball player and has represented Maccabi Great Britain at youth level.


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Guy Horne, 31 and David Searle, 30 HSPG (Property)

HSPG David Searle and Guy Horne


HSPG was founded in 2015 by school friends Guy Horne and David Searle with the aim to tackle the UK homelessness crisis and to pioneer social impact real estate.

Their first property purchase was facilitated by a buy-to-let scheme and was let by a homeless family. Their ambitions have grown over time with the birth of Housing Social in 2016 which took into account both the needs of the residents and investors and was created to establish hands-off property management.

Working alongside councils including Manchester City Council, they aim to help those in the most need of housing – whilst also offering financial security for landlords, with guaranteed rental income without management fees. To date, Guy and David have created 4,000 supported-living units and 260 affordable units.

In 2018, Guy and David made headlines in with their UK residential property sale using blockchain technology, something that highlighted their desire to push against the norm.

The expansion of HSPG into London (Soho) in 2021, marks exciting growth as well as their nomination for Young Property Personality at The PROPS Awards showcasing what they have achieved in the last 7 years.


Ariel Levy, 33 and Daniel Sterling, 32, Gen Two (Real Estate) 

Ariel Levy and Daniel Sterling


Ariel and Daniel are the co-founders of Gen Two Real Estate, an investment and development vehicle with a specific emphasis on the Life Sciences sector.

Having assembled an experienced team of experts in their fields, they are building a Life Sciences portfolio of high-specification laboratory spaces that will enable start-ups to flourish and will also provide grow on space for more established companies.

Start-up incubator laboratories will support and accelerate the growth of early-stage Life Science companies by creating a collaborative ecosystem combined with access to specialist investment funding and technical support.

Recent acquisitions by the entrepreneurial duo include a commercial site in Oval and two industrial estates in Cambridge for conversion to laboratories.


Livia Benisty, 38, Chief AML Officer (Finance)

Livia Benisty


Livia Benisty is the Chief AML Officer for fintech unicorn Banking Circle, a cutting edge payment bank.

Her role involves managing teams that focus on alleviating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing risk, using over 15 years of experience in financial crime and  AML.

The Oxford graduate has previously worked for different tier 1 banks and RegTech companies. Prior to working for Banking Circle, Livia was Head of AML, EMEA, for Citi’s Trade and Treasury Solutions and Open Platform, part of the BBVA Group.


Genevieve Schwartz, 30, Independent Jeweller (Fashion)

Genevieve Schwartz


Genevieve is an independent north London-based jeweller who has had extensive experience in jewellery design and production working alongside names like Vivienne Westwood and Astley Clarke.

The former Immanuel College student founded her jewellery brand Genevieve Schwartz Jewellery in 2021, which includes permanent collections and also offers a bespoke jewellery service too.

In 2021, she won a Bronze Award at the Goldsmiths’ Craft & Design Council Awards. Genevieve won Emerging Brand of the Year at the 2022 Professional Jeweller Awards and was recognised as a rising star in the 30 under 30 category for Retail Jeweller.


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Eddie Sternberg and Zak Klein, Director and Writer (Film)

Eddie Sternberg


Zak Klein


Eddie Sternberg is the director and writer of Netflix film ‘I Used to Be Famous’ (2022) co-written with Zak Klein. The film which is based on Eddie’s original short film (of the same title) explores a former boy-band member who begins a musical collaboration with a neurodiverse drummer. The film was ranked in Netflix’s top 10 most watched films in over 60 countries during September 2022.

In 2022,  Eddie was recognised as a Screen International Star of Tomorrow and he is currently working on his second feature film with Netflix. Eddie has also directed and written branded films for companies such as Google, O2, Nescafe, John Lewis, Barclays and McLaren and many others.

Zak has a masters in Scriptwriting from Goldsmiths College and is a writer and director.  Zak’s ‘I Used to Be Famous’ journey started with Eddie in 2015 but Zak has also written and directed lots of short films that have been screened widely at over 60 film festivals.

He has also has won other awards including Best Screenplay at the Lift-off Global Awards (2018) for CONTRACTOR 014352, it also won Best European Short at Brest Film Festival 2017.


Dr. Daniel Gordon, 38, Founder of Private Practice (Medicine)

Dr Daniel Gordon


Dr. Daniel Gordon is a private GP and founded his own practice in 2022. Favouring a holistic approach to health, Dr. Gordon focuses on understanding the importance of lifestyle and how this influences health.

His practice offers a range of services and there is plenty of praise from patients regarding the personal nature of the practice and the rapport Dr. Gordon has built.

Having completed his undergraduate degree at University College London, he has since had specialist training in anaesthesia and pain management prior to completing GP training at the Royal Free Hospital. Dr. Gordon has experience in the digital sphere working in the leadership team for a growing digital health startup driving his interest in improving standards of care for patients and is becoming a well-known figure in the local community.


Jessica Goldbaum, 30, Founder of Freshly Snapped Studio (Food Photography)

jess goldbaum


Jessica Goldbaum, nee Moses, is the founder of Freshly Snapped Studio.

Freshly Snapped is a creative studio based in the heart of Melbourne, Australia. Its main aim is to help elevate brands through the use of visual storytelling. With a main focus on food photography, Jess hones in on the bustling hospitality industry in Melbourne, bringing the café and restaurant scene to life through her visuals.

In addition to photography, Jess also offers videography, social media management, content creation, copywriting, food styling and recipe development services, to help manage a brand’s online presence from top to bottom.

Jess’ worldwide experience has helped Freshly Snapped get to where it is today. From starting as the Digital Media & Events Manager for one of the biggest health food brands, Deliciously Ella, in London, to co-founding the award-winning smoothie bowl company, NanaBowls, in Phuket.

Throughout those years, Jess was able to build up her experience working globally for different brands, developing her photography and social media skills, eventually leading to the birth of Freshly Snapped Studio. The culmination of skills developed across continents has seen Freshly Snapped Studio land in Melbourne at its peak. 


Ryan Cohen, 37, Founder of Chewy (Pet Retail)

Ryan Cohen


Ryan Cohen is a Canadian entrepreneur and the former CEO of Chewy, an online pet store he cofounded in 2011. After growing the business to $3.5 billion in annual revenues he stepped down in 2018 after selling to PetSmart for $3.4 billion in 2017. His entrepreneurial spirit started at the young age of 13 when he would build websites for money and a few years later he had a business generating fees from referrals to e-commerce sites.

Before Chewy was established, Cohen’s initial idea was to build an online jewellery store but was later inspired by his own poodle and the option of instead building an online pet store. In 2017, Fortune cited Cohen as one of their ’40 under 40′ for his achievements.

After his success with Chewy, Cohen took a stake in GameStop in 2020, transitioning onto the board and shortly after taking up the position of Chairman. It is estimated that Cohen made $656 million from the GameStop fiasco which saw the company’s stock price inflate last year.


Hudi Charin, 24, Founder of Big Sister Swap (Fashion)

Hudi Charin Big Sister Swap


Hudi Charin is the founder of Big Sister Swap, an innovative clothes-swapping platform that launched in 2019. The idea came to Hudi when she realised there were limited options when you wanted to refresh your wardrobe and didn’t want to spend lots of money or shop unsustainably.

Big Sister Swap got its unique name from Charin after she explained she always wanted a big sister to share clothes with.

The process for Big Sister Swap is simple, you purchase your swap item which is based on the number of clothes you’re donating and the amount of money you want in return. After doing this you fill out a form that discusses your style and sizing preferences, before posting the clothes you are donating. You then receive a unique selection of hand-picked clothes to your door!

This sustainable startup is unique and benefits all involved and the planet. It also has an ‘Every Size Guarantee’ to appeal to the mass audience.

Since its founding, it has become incredibly popular, with their Instagram gaining over 16k followers and 1.6 billion views on TikTok.


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Oren Greenberg, 39, Founder of Kurve (Digital Marketing)

Oren Greenberg


Oren Greenberg is the Founder & Fractional Chief Marketing Officer at Kurve a boutique digital marketing agency that helps scale tech businesses into hyper-growth. Founded in 2019, Kurve builds the team around the project which is one of their unique selling points, and  that supports a range of clients such as Nutmeg, Coconut, Seed Legals and more.

Greenberg has over 15 years of experience in supporting business growth with strategic marketing and has interests in both B2B and B2C brands. Using digital channels, he has helped to scale startups and corporate innovation projects and has become a leading digital figure, writing for popular marketing blogs, been featured in the international press and appeared on podcasts.

Since 2020, Israeli-born Greenberg has been an advocate for Tech London Advocates & Global Tech Advocates a private sector-led group of expert individuals from the tech sector that work on supporting and championing London’s tech and digital business potential and supporting startups.

Greenberg is also a mentor for GrowthMentor, a platform that has carefully selected and vetted startup founders and growth marketing mentors that can provide business support, feedback, and coaching.


Tayla Curtis, Founder of Talya’s Table (Food and Gifting)

tayla curtis


Talya Curtis is a private chef who started Talya’s Table during lockdown where she shared recipes and cooking tips. Since then she spent a year at the renowned Leith’s School of Food and Wine and worked in some of London’s famous restaurants in both cuisine and pastry.
Her focus is now on small high end private chef events where clients hire her to cook for their intimate special occasions – getting that restaurant quality and experience but in their own homes. Her creativeness doesn’t stop at her cooking, she designs beautiful tables for her clients to compliment her food and create a unique and intimate ambiance for the evening. Her view is – you eat with your eyes and that’s what’s on your plate as well as the table around you.
With a passion for sustainability and local produce, her bespoke menus are designed around seasonal, high quality British produce. So you won’t see any strawberry tarts on the menu in the winter!
In addition, she recently launched a gift company – Ostwind & Daughters that focuses on meaningful giving. 10% of all profits go directly to charities in need. The inspiration being her great grandparents who started Ostwinds – a kosher bakery, restaurant and catering business London’s East End in the 1900s. Her latest ‘Meaningful Rosh Hashanah Hampers’, with freshly baked pastries, dried flowers and homeware goodies sold out in the hundreds and raised significant money for Camden Food Bank.
Her upcoming plans include continuing to private chef, growing her gift giving business Ostwind & Daughters and hosting supper clubs in London’s restaurant venues!



Micha Y. Breakstone, 32, Founder of NeuraLight (Biotech)

Micha Breakstone


Micha Breakstone is the co-founder and CEO of NeuraLight, a Tel Aviv-based startup that was founded in 2021 and has currently raised $30.5 million.

NeuraLight is a VC-backed venture that is working to digitise clinical neurological development, diagnostics and precision medicine with AI. The aim is to improve medical diagnosis at earlier stages allowing for earlier intervention which in certain cases could change the course of the disease.

NeuraLight’s team of 30 is supported by neurologists and two Nobel laureates as well as a scientific advisory board. Upon founding NeuraLight, Breakstone has stated that it was “to measure neurological disorders accurately and objectively, and bring precision medicine to neurology.”

A serial entrepreneur, Breakstone founded a company that was acquired by ZoomInfo for $575 million. Prior to his entrepreneurial career, Micha studied at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem where he gained an MSc. in Mathematics and a PhD in Cognitive Sciences – 2 years of which were spent at MIT where he focused on cognitive linguistics. Alongside his career, Micha has also acted as a scientific advisory board member for Deeplink – a no-code AI landing page that is revolutionising web experiences


Helena Baker, 30, Founder of ESN (Marketing and Networking)

Helena Baker


Helena Baker is the founder of ESN (English Speaking Networking) an Israeli networking group for English speakers that was founded in 2019. At the time Baker had been in Israel less than a year when she decided to create this group to support individuals wanting to connect their businesses. Prior to founding ESN, Helena worked as a freelance content writer , which included regular contributions for the Huffington Post and had internships with MTV studios and DTZ where she translated client reports from French to English.

ESN is focused on the development of meaningful relationships to help its followers grow their businesses – the networking group has rapidly grown with groups operating out of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Hertzliya. There is also an international group for business owners that are based in different regions to network. Helena alongside creating these groups also provides LinkedIn training sessions that are uniquely tailored to the individual needs of business teams.


Noam Solomon, CEO of Immunai (BioTech)

Noam Solomon


Noam Solomon is an Israeli entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Immunai, a bio-technology company – it is the first company to map the entire immune system to help with detecting, diagnosing and treating diseases using AI.

Immunai has its headquarters in New York and it was founded in 2018. Immunai has partnered with biopharmaceuitcal companies and institutional research organisations thare are both committed to helping with the process of building their AI platform.  The company has raised $295 million to date and Immunai is currently working alongside Baylor College of Medicine to develop and fine tune cell therapies for neuroblastoma.

Solomon has completed postdoctoral research for MIT and Harvard University and holds two PhDs in Pure Mathematic and Computer Science. He has discussed how his time doing his research inspired an interest in computational biology – specifcially in understanding immunotherapies. Outside of his current role, Noam founded a freelance consulting service based off of his experience in big-data. He was also Head of Data for Gloat helping to develop machine-learning, AI research and algorithms.

Alongside his role as CEO for Immunai, Noam is an official member of the Forbes Technology Council.


Cassie Ozer, 35, CEO of March of the Living UK (Social Justice)

cassie ozer


Cassie Ozer is the CEO of March of the Living UK – the charity that sends over 250 people from the UK on a 5-day trip to Poland to learn about the Holocaust and examine the roots of prejudice.

As the CEO, Cassie is responsible for organising the 5-day educational trip to Poland and leading the development of a long-term strategy to increase the impact of the charity. The charity also trains educators, builds a variety of educational opportunities and fundraises.

Cassie studied Graphic and Communication Design at the University of Leeds and is the former Head of Community Fundraising and Events for UJIA, gaining experience in management, coordination and the creation of innovative campaigns and high-quality events.


Oliver Anisfeld, 28, Founder of J-TV (Media)

Oliver Anisfeld


Oliver Anisfeld is the founder of J-TV, a global Jewish media channel that launched in 2016.

Since its founding, it has had global reach across all five continents. Oliver was a 22-year-old undergraduate at UCL when he founded J-TV, after he saw a gap in the market: “My idea was to create a new, high quality, online global Jewish media channel.”

Through the channel Anisfeld wanted to engage Jews and non-Jews that are interested in Jewish culture.

Each week, four pieces are posted on YouTube and the categories  are: Jewish wisdom, current affairs, movers and shakers and a section Jewish food.

The channel is streamed online so it can be accessed wherever and whenever. The channel has had a variety of guests including former US presidential adviser Elliot Abrams, producer and film-maker Ben Winston and director of Shabbat UK Rabbi Daniel Rowe.


Zohar Einy, CEO at Port (Software Engineering)

Zohar Einy


Zohar is the co-founder and CEO of Port – an Israeli startup founded in 2021 with the ambition to create an open platform for Platform/DevEx engineers to build their own Portal. Prior to Port, Zohar worked as a Software Developer for Israel Defence Force’s Military Intelligence and as a Senior Solutions Manager at Rookou, before co-founding Aporia, a full-stack and customisable monitor for machine learning models.

Port is a company that aims to provide developers across the world with an online production and design portal, allowing for assets (such as cloud resources, SaaS and developer tools) to be worked on and cataloged efficiently. Port adopts a “builder” approach, whereby products can be adjusted to match the needs of customers and are adapted to fit the evolution of a company.


Zak Marks, 24, Kitt Medical (Health)

zak marks


Zak Marks is the co-founder of, Kitt, an emergency anaphylaxis treatment kit. Like a defibrillator, but for allergies, the kit is combined with medical training and incident reporting, all in one affordable subscription service.

The idea came about because Marks suffers with a life threatening nut allergy, and came up with the idea in 2020 during his final year major project studying Industrial Design at Loughborough University as a way to implement change, battle the stigma and save lives.

His co-founder James joined Zak at the start of 2021, and have since raised funding, run a successful pilot and won the Mayor of London Entrepreneur award which included a £20,000 prize grant and have partnered with ALK – a multinational pharmaceutical company leading innovation in allergy care.

The former UCS pupil is currently operating out of Hampstead and in the last year has carried out a successful pilot phase with 7 schools in the UK and our market research, we have validated our business, and are moving towards a full launch at the start of 2023.

At £500 per Kitt per year,  the aim is to have Kitt sold to the 32,000 schools in the UK and also open up conversations around mental health and allergies for kids of all ages.


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Glen Weinstein, 36, Founder of kb6ix (Fitness and Instagram)

glen weinstein


Glen Weinstein is the founder of kb6ix, a kettlebell and fitness coach which has amassed a huge following on instagram with just under 40,000 followers.

The Nottingham graduate has become a leading figure for kettle bells exercise and training through his posting of regular videos on social media – with emphasis on technique, wellbeing and staying fit with a busy work or family schedule.

A lower back pain specialist (McGill level 3) and not shy of entrepreneurship, he has also developed a side business designing home gyms.


Emily Weiss, 37, Founder of Glossier (Beauty)

Emily Weiss


Emily is the founder, former CEO and current Executive Chairwoman of the makeup and skincare brand, Glossier, which was founded in America in 2014. Emily is also the founder of the popular beauty blogging platform, Into The Gloss. Emily initially launched Glossier with a four-product range. It took Emily several pitches before Glossier took off the ground, with 11 out of 12 pitches uninterested in her band.In 2019, Emily introduced GlossiWEAR into the mix, a new clothing category within the brand.

Emily studied Studio Art at NYU with a degree in Studio Art, and worked as a Styling Assistant for Vogue Magazine before founding Into The Gloss in 2010. Emily has since been acclaimed for her achievements, listed within Fortune’s 40 Under 40 list in 2018 and was included in TIME’s 100 Next Most Influential People in 2019.

Currently, Glossier is worth $1.8 billion – raising $266 million.


Joelle Rich, Partner (Law) 

Joelle Rich


Joelle is a Partner at Schillings, a London-based law firm specialising in reputation and privacy law. Joelle began her career as a trainee at DLA Piper having studied at the University of Birmingham where she read law. She joined Schillings as a Partner in 2011 where she has specialised in media law, accumulating vast amounts of knowledge in libel, privacy and copyright disputes. In 2018, Joelle took on the high-profile case representing Johnny Depp in libel trial against The Sun in the UK.

In 2021, Joelle received the Silver award for the ‘Future Leader Initiative of the Year’ at the Citywealth Future Leaders Awards. In addition to this, Joelle was shortlisted as a finalist for the ‘Future Leader in Private Client Services’ by Spear’s Wealth Management Awards 2021.


Michael Marciano, 35, Head of Product (Real Estate)

Michael Marciano


Michael is the Head of Product for EG, one of UK Real Estate’s most established and well known news, events and data business. Michael oversees EG’s portfolio of Products, as well as leads its Data Science, UX, Data Visualisation and Customer Insight functions. Prior to joining EG, Michael founded and exited his own PropTech data platform. This led him to become a  prominent voice and thought leader in the Real Estate technology sector.

In addition to his current role, Michael is the founder of Pixel Chasing, a Podcast and online events platform that explores the intersection of Real Estate and Web3. Pixel Chasing has attracted listeners and participants from over a dozen global countries and continues to be a powerful platform within the evolving Real Estate industry. Outside of Real Estate, Michael advises early-stage start-ups and has recently launched a series of children’s books inspired by his children.


Lior Shva, 33, Chef (Food)

lior shva


Lior Shva is the talent chef, currently on a contestant on Israeli TV’s “Game of Chefs'” – the equivalent to MasterChef in the UK.

Born in Israel and living in Belgium until the age of 12, she returned to Belgium to study at the country’s best culinary school in Koksiijde.

In 2013, she moved to the UK to work at the 2-Michelin starred Restaurant Sat Bains in Nottingham, where she met her future husband.

Following this, Shva spent 4 years working at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal and The Ledbury, both restaurants with 2 Michelin stars.

She is a proud mother of 1 and is juggling being a contestant with parenting, whilst developing plans to open a unique fine-dining experience in the North of Israel in 2023.



Dr Anna Abramowski, Founder of North London Psychologists (Health)




Anna Abramowski BSc, MSc, MPhil, DPsych and CPsychol is the founder of North London Psychologists and specialises in weight, body image, pain management, anxiety and depression.

Born in France, she has worked with the NHS since 2011 and since setting up privately, she has treated more than 400 people, including CEO of large organisations. 

She has also assisted clients with chronic health conditions, especially those impacted by Covid, as well as PTSD, trauma and those before and after surgeries. 

Achieving her doctorate from City University in London, she finds particular reward from helping and supporting fellow medical colleagues with their emotional wellbeing and burnout.


Lee Rubin, 32, Founder of (Events)


Lee Rubin


Lee Rubin is the founder of Confetti, an online platform where businesses can discover hundreds of exclusive virtual team building, DE&I and professional development ideas and instantly book truly memorable experiences for their teams.

Building on the growing trend of remote working, the New York based entrepreneur has raised $6.3 million in funding so far and oversees more than 60 staff.

Confetti is loved by 4,000+ companies such as Google, Facebook, Spotify, and many other start-ups, firms and agencies and is continuing to expand its number of online team building experiences in the most cost-effective way for brands.


Jesse Shemen, 32, Co-Founder of Papercup

jesse shemen


Jesse is the CEO and co-founder of Papercup, a machine learning startup founded in 2017. The London based startup generates translated AI voices to make videos watchable in any language (think dubbing, but with AI to make it faster, cheaper, and more scalable than the traditional setup). Papercup works with the likes of Business Insider and Fremantle, who collectively reached over 300 million native Spanish speakers last year with their technology. The company has raised over $30m to date and counts the likes of Local Globe and Octopus as investors, as well as angels Des Traynor, co-founder of Intercom, and John Collison, co-founder of Stripe.

Jesse graduated summa cum laude from New York University’s undergraduate business school Stern. He then moved to the UK and co-founded Deloitte Ventures, an internal technology incubator as well as Deloitte’s first equity investment arm focusing on early-stage enterprise startups. After Deloitte, Jesse co-launched a wealth technology platform for financial advisors at Octopus Investments. In October 2017, he co-founded Papercup with the vision of making the world’s videos watchable in any language using a novel approach to speech synthesis.


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Mitch Young, 39, Co-Founder of Fusion Consulting (Accountancy)

mitch young


Mitch Young is a tax specialist and co founder of Fusion Consulting. Having a wealth of experience with private clients from a wide range of backgrounds and wealth, he helps his clients solve their tax issues, no matter how complex or unusual they are.

Having been promoted to tax partner at the age of 29 allowed him to provide insightful specialist advice to clients on personal and corporate tax planning. He focuses in particular on Property taxation and serving owner-managed businesses.

Young was voted Number 1 Most Influential Person in Finance 2015 in Economic, he has developed an authoritative profile and a loyal following on social Media, both through Twitter (@mitchthetaxman) and on his blog.

Setting up Fusion fulfilled a life-long ambition to build his own firm and provide best-in-class advice to his loyal and growing client base.

Over the last few years, the company has expanded to offer taxation, accountancy, financial services, law, business advisory and digital marketing and we also run an international tax network.