Key Advances in eCommerce

The world of ecommerce is known to be very competitive, meaning that you need to do everything in your power to gain a competitive advantage over others.

Innovation is a crucial part of ecommerce, with companies, websites and businesses all striving to innovate and improve on a regular basis in every way possible, helping their bottom line.


Cloud Hosting


One of the best innovations in the world of ecommerce has been Cloud hosting. There are many factors that can explain this. The main reason is that cloud hosting is decentralised. This means that all information of a webshop is no longer stored on a single server.

Webshops that have received a bad reputation due to a hacker, didn’t use cloud hosting. That’s why it is important to use this type of hosting if you are an innovative ecommerce business. Click here for more information on this topic.

Mobile eCommerce


Another great innovation in the world of ecommerce has been the rise of ecommerce for mobile devices. With the invention of the smartphone, suddenly billions of people had access to the internet.

This means billions of extra customers were suddenly a lot more reachable. That’s why many ecommerce businesses chose to optimise their web stores for mobile devices. The results? More sales, a larger customer base and ultimately more profits.


Big Data Analytics


Have you ever wondered what big data analytics is? This entails the process of collecting, organising, and analysing large sets of data to identify patterns.

The ultimate goal of this? Making informed business decisions. Ecommerce companies have used big data analytics to their advantage by figuring out what products are more attractive to consumers and when to hold sales promotions. This has caused them to increase their profit margins significantly.


AR Use

Augmented reality (AR) use has also skyrocketed the past few years among ecommerce businesses.

Customers are more inclined to purchase a product when they can not only read about it, but also fully experience it in 3D. This is where augmented reality comes into play. Through devices such as smartphones, customers can use AR applications to see how a specific product would look in their home or try on virtual clothes before making a purchase.


AI in eCommerce


Finally, AI has proven to be an extremely effective innovation in ecommerce. This is due to there being many different applications for AI. Think not only of features such as chatbots for helping customers, but also writing SEO content with the help of AI. AI has made it less time consuming to set up an ecommerce website compared to a few years ago. Who knows what else AI has in store for the future of ecommerce.