60. Lee Thawley & Vicky Pritchard, Co-Founders of MuddyWellies


Company: MuddyWellies

Website: https://wearemuddywellies.com/


About Lee, Vicky & MuddyWellies

Left and Right Boots founded MuddyWellies in August of 2020, after 5 years working together in a SaaS business on a rapid growth trajectory in terms of brand presence, teams and new business generation, having received £23m in series B funding. The energy and pace of this tech platform’s growth made them realise this was their favourite part – wanted to focus solely on businesses at this stage of their journey. The purpose is helping tech clients such as Sharp Gaming, Siid and Ello Group, to define their purpose and transform into destination brands. Businesses working with clever tech, with ambitious plans and energetic founders, just like us. That’s why we understand our clients so well, because we understand the importance of rapid sustainable growth.

But starting MuddyWellies wasn’t always plain sailing, as the founders set up during a global pandemic. Being a team of two, they had to navigate a brand-new venture in a brand-new world – no in person meetings or pitches, no taking our clients out for lunch… and certainly no Friday drinks! But they soon got used to translating workshops onto zoom, with interactive exercises, break off rooms and a Q&A chat box throughout. And when the world started to open up again, they were sure to have antibacterial hand gel right next to individually wrapped, covid-safe pick ’n’ mix giveaway bags.

When starting a business from their own homes, they needed to get the work/life balance right. The founders wanted their business to succeed, but it’s easy to forget to switch off. So, they made sure to check in with each other every day, to see if they were allowing themselves enough time to reset, booking in dog walks, online yoga and no-work-allowed FaceTimes throughout the week.

It was difficult for the team to not let MuddyWellies, take over their lives completely… that was until Right Boot, Vicky, fell pregnant with the latest member of the team, just a year into their journey. Plans had to speed up, now trying to grow their business, their client base, and an entire human, they had to get a few more boots on deck. What they’ve learnt is, it’s more than OK to run a business while you’re pregnant – it was never going to slow them down. In fact, Right Boot has been even more driven to show the business community that having children shouldn’t hold you back – it’s only made them more determined to make things work. So, in February 2022, this pair of wellies took on some additional members and secured contracts with a team of trusted partners, to support business growth.

Now, the plan for 2022 is to help tech businesses become industry leaders, to keep growing their own knowledge and streamline operations. They’ll be taking inspiration from people like Whitney Wolfe Herd of Bumble, who wasn’t afraid to breakaway, to see a problem and want to solve it – women who want to innovate. And, of course, their intelligent, all-female team and clients who empower them daily, running entire departments and businesses with efficiency, kindness and respect.


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