Mark Lyttleton: Introducing Maanch

Angel investor Mark Lyttleton has a particular interest in supporting early-stage businesses that aim to have a positive planetary impact. This article will look at Maanch, an organisation that empowers organisations to embed environmental, social and governance (ESG) with data, technology and advisory.



Today, investors face growing market and regulatory pressure to seek out investment opportunities that prioritise ESG engagement. Released in 2020, the second edition of the Financial Reporting Council’s UK Stewardship Code established higher engagement standards for asset managers, owners and service providers.


In response to these complex and ever-changing challenges, Maanch developed an Engagement Tracker tool to work alongside its ESG Engagement Tracking Software, helping investors to optimise the ESG engagement process. The platform automates data capture, reporting and analysis of all engagements with portfolio companies, enabling clients to benefit from significant time and cost efficiencies.


With matters related to ESG increasingly becoming an integral part of boardroom discussions, companies are coming under considerable pressure to embed sustainability at the heart of all their activities. From diversity, inclusion and human rights to transitioning to a net-zero economy, Maanch’s expert ESG consultants adapt to the businesses they serve to deliver comprehensive sustainability strategies – no matter where companies are on their sustainability journey. The company’s capabilities include advisory services on building net-zero strategy, B Corp certification, alignment with relevant regulatory frameworks and more.


Sustainability is a multi-faceted issue that demands an all-encompassing approach, uniting all stakeholders of the business. Maanch operates with the ethos that embedding sustainability is an important opportunity for businesses to enhance their value proposition for both stakeholders and clients alike, stimulating growth and capital.


Recognising that ESG centres around assessing opportunities and risks to companies as a result of social, governance and environmental factors, Maanch strives to embed impact in the decision-making processes of its clients through its methodology to technology approach.


Maanch’s Net Impact Dashboard captures impact data, analysing and reporting progress in real-time – with the ultimate goal of streamlining and automating the repetitive, manual and complex processes involved in impact data reporting and management.


Maanch helps companies to optimise their impact and take it to the next level, automating the impact measurement and reporting process for enhanced efficiency. Designed to accelerate a business’s journey towards sustainability, the Maanch Impact Masterclass is an impact induction that helps ambitious organisations to embed sustainability at the heart of their operations, enabling them to accelerate their journey towards sustainability and paving the way towards net positivity.