32. Miray Tayfun, Co-Founder & CEO of Vivoo

miray tayfun

Company: Vivoo

Website: https://www.vivoo.io


About Miray & Vivoo

Vivoo is the world’s first at-home health tracker, founded by Miray Tafun, that uses urine to provide personalised insights and recommendations, as well as monitoring their hydration, calcium, magnesium, Vitamin C, salt intake, urine pH, ketones, and kidney function. What’s more, you can take the test and receive your results instantly in your home, through your mobile app, in just two minutes.

Vivoo is a startup that offers personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice entirely guided by the use of urine tests, and has also recently announced that it has successfully raised $6 million in Series A funding.

The funding round was primarily led by Draper Associates, and there has also been participation from ONCE Ventures, Revo Capital, 500 Startups, Global Ventures and Halogen Ventures. The capital raised from this funding round is to go towards expanding the Vivoo team.


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