MyStreet: Creating Personalised Digital High Streets

The first purpose-built social commerce app using best-in-class Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Computer Vision (CV) technology has been launched to support independent retailers across the UK. MyStreet is a new startup that has been developed to provide a highly tailored shopping experience for consumers based on their shopping interests and behaviours. The app uses visual search technology to understand and contextualise detailed product characteristics and attributes to effectively connect shoppers with specific items they are looking for.

The new concept has been developed to support independent retailers through the pandemic and support the digitisation of their businesses whilst their doors remain closed.

MyStreet will learn individuals’ preferences, passions and shopping habits and facilitates live in-app messaging, connecting customers with shop owners to help them find their perfect item or discuss common questions like fit or product quality.

The app will also look at user behaviours, such as the amount of attention given to particular types of products and their interactions with them, as well as visual analysis to detect product categories and its properties to match items from different sellers with individuals.

A ‘discovery’ page allows users to create their own unique mood boards and matches their wish lists with products from boutiques across the UK, giving shoppers a chance to discover new brands they wouldn’t normally see on their own high streets, whilst continuing to support small businesses.

It will allow shoppers to discover some of the best independent boutiques and brands across the UK and build their own personalised virtual high street featuring their favourite stores and products.

Richard Johnson, co-founder of MyStreet, said: “The MyStreet technology is all about enabling UK independent retailers to find, connect, chat and transact with a wider pool of customers. The combination of visual analysis, computer vision and the contextual understanding of content connects consumers with the most appropriate products from a range of our independent retail partners.

“In time, MyStreet’s AI will understand a user’s mood when they shop and how this relates to their transaction and purchase behaviour of different types and categories of products, allowing us to tailor what each app user sees based on their interests and tastes.

“The pandemic has meant we’ve missed out on the experience visiting a shop gives us, so MyStreet has been designed to complement high street shops by creating the opportunity to chat directly with shop owners through our conversational technology and bring the experience behind the products and brands directly into their homes.”

The app features clothing for men, women and kids with plans to homeware, beauty and hand-crafted products from designers across the UK.

MyStreet is available to download for iPhones in app stores now: