National Burger Day: 10 Tasty Burger Small Businesses And Startups

National Burger Day, celebrated on May 28th is a day for one of our favourite foods: the hamburger. This meal, usually made made from ground beef and served in a bun, is a staple in many households, commonly in America, but now around the world.

People add toppings to season their burgers, with classic options like cheese, onions, and pickles, to more adventurous choices like more meats, avo and fancier foods like truffle. National Burger Day is all about enjoying these tasty treats with friends and family, often fried, or with the grill.

The History Of The Hamburger

The origins of the hamburger are not clearly documented. Some believe it most likely appeared in the 19th or early 20th century, with its name deriving from Hamburg, Germany. Some believe it was inspired by the “Hamburg Sausage,” while others think it started with the Hamburg America Line cruise company, which served similar sandwiches in the mid-1800s.

Even with the debates, many agree that the hamburger gained popularity at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis. Since then, it has become a favourite for all, enjoyed in countless ways around the world.

How To Celebrate National Burger Day

Usually, many celebrate this day buy indulging in their favourite burgers, either bought or homemade!

Also, check out special deals at local restaurants, with some burger joints giving people discounts or different menu items to celebrate today. Many take on to social media to show their delicious burgers, using the hashtag #NationalHamburgerDay. These are also some small or new burger joints in the UK that are grilling with flavourful burgers:

1. Halo Burger


This plant-based burger joint has been making waves with its new locations in London. Halo Burger focuses on providing a 100% plant-based burger experience, with their signature burger mimicking the taste and texture of traditional beef burgers.

2. Thunderbird Fried Chicken



Known for its unique take on fried chicken, Thunderbird has recently expanded into the burger market with new locations opening in London. Their menu features inventive options like the Chipuffalo Burger, combining fried chicken, chipotle sauce, and buffalo sauce.

3. Biff’s Plant Shack



This new burger joint, in the vegan burger market, launched in 2023. Biff’s Plant Shack offers a range of plant-based burgers that cater to the growing demand for vegan and sustainable food options. Their unique approach to vegan comfort food has made them a popular choice among health-conscious consumers.

4. Bun & Barrel


Recently opened in Birmingham, Bun & Barrel is known for its creative twists on classic burgers. Their “Firecracker” burger, featuring a spicy beef patty, jalapeño relish, pepper jack cheese, and chipotle mayo, has been particularly popular for its amazing flavours.

5. Honest Burgers



Honest Burgers, founded in Brixton in 2011, serves delicious, high-quality burgers made from scratch. They use locally sourced ingredients and have their own butchery. Their unique burger is the California burger, featuring double-smashed beef patties, bacon, American mustard, double American cheese, grilled onions, brown butter burger sauce, tomato, lettuce, and pickles.


6. Fat Hippo


There are locations in cities like Leeds and Nottingham, Fat Hippo is known for the “Fat Hippo” burger, and this tasty burger consists of a double patty, American cheese, smoked bacon, chorizo, onion rings, and their signature Fat Hippo sauce.

7. Smashburger


Smashburger aims to “burger better” with their unique smashing technique that locks in flavours and creates a juicy, caramelised burger. They recently brought back their Truffle Smash burger, which includes two beef patties, American cheese, fig relish, bacon, and truffle mayo.

8. Burger Bear


This new spot, which started in Manchester in late 2022, became popular quickly, and with reason. Their signature burger, the “Bear Claw,” includes a beef patty, cheddar cheese, smoky bacon, and their house-made Bear Sauce, all packed in a brioche bun, making this a favourite.

9. Burger & Beyond


Founded in 2023, this startup quickly gained attention for its gourmet burgers and innovative menu. Based in London, Burger & Beyond places focus on using high-quality ingredients and brings a unique dining experience that has been loved by both locals and visitors​.

10. The Dorset Burger Company


Located in Weymouth, The Dorset Burger Company has been serving award-winning burgers since 2012. Their menu includes the 28-day aged Aberdeen Angus beef burgers, with the standout being their classic Angus Beef Burger, known for its rich flavour and locally sourced ingredients.