37. Olga Beck-Friis, Co-Founder of PocketLaw

Company: PocketLaw

Website: https://pocketlaw.com/en-uk


About Olga & PocketLaw

Olga Beck-Friis is co-founder and COO of PocketLaw, a legal tech solution providing digital in-house legal advice for businesses. The Swedish startup enables companies to create contracts and solve legal challenges instantly and at an affordable price. Co-founder Olga Beck-Friis is passionate about providing startups with a tech-first solution that allows them to focus on the most important thing: growing their businesses.

Having studied Politics, Psychology & Sociology and then securing a Masters in Political Sociology at Cambridge University, Beck-Friis spent four years as a management consultant at McKinsey, advising companies on how to use digital tools to improve processes and efficiency. She then founded the legal tech startup PocketLaw with Kira Unger, her childhood friend since the ages of 10 and 7 respectively.

While Olga was at McKinsey, Kira worked in Mergers and Acquisitions at Nordic business law firm Mannheimer Swartling. In 2018, after noticing that legal services for small businesses faced substantial barriers and realising the value of the pair’s complementary legal skills and strategic abilities, PocketLaw was born.

Having launched in the UK in June 2021, PocketLaw has worked with an interesting array of UK companies, including prominent tech scale-ups such as telehealth pioneer Livi, e-scooter company Voi, and London’s Kingly Court restaurant Le Bab.


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