36. Tanuvi Ethunandan, Co-Founder & CEO of DataDuopoly

Company: DataDupoloy

Website: https://www.dataduopoly.com/


Abpuot Tanuvi & DataDupoly

The future of visitor experiences is being driven by personalisation and led by digital adoption. At Data Duopoly they are building the future ‘waze’ for people in venues, incentivising visitors to explore and gathering powerful data insights to shape a venues’ future. They have worked with leading UK venues ranging from the Eden Project, National Trust Partnership and Falmouth University. They are an award-winning team, being a Tech Nation Rising Stars Regional Winner, and have been backed by the European Space Agency for their innovative use of GPS data.

Data Duopoly incentivises visitors to explore and we gather powerful data insights to shape a venues’ future. They want to help promote sustainable and equitable tourism, following their work with clients. Their technology can work in indoor and outdoor venues, ranging from theme parks, museums, shopping centres and university campuses!

They believe that they are the team to make this the “go-to” solution for exploring any venue worldwide, due to our creative and data driven mindsets! Tanuvi as a chartered accountant is obsessed with data, and Erin is an award-winning film director with a creative vision. They have successfully scaled the team from 2 to 6 over the past 12 months. They work together to create a culture of inclusivity and creativity, with the team members growing personally and professionally with Data Duopoly. Despite the Covid pandemic both founders have led the company through difficult times, with a refined vision to push the Data Duopoly API to venues worldwide. They have ambitious plans to onboard venues and campuses in the next 12 months, and to help venues recover.


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