Organisations And Startups That Are Helping You Manage Addiction

When it comes to addiction, it could really look different for each person. In the digital era, even social media has become an addiction among younger users.

Other addictions include:

  • Smoking and Vaping
  • Substances
  • Gambling
  • Shopping

Some addictions are psychological and manifest through behaviours and patterns whereas others may develop over time. Although there isn’t a textbook reasoning for each addiction, often, addictions are used as ways to escape, or other times, addictive behaviours are learned and passed down by influences and environments one is in. Regardless, addictions can be byproducts of an underlying issue.

How Are Addictions Traditionally Addressed?

Many organisations offer help and support when it comes to addiction. Organisations include the likes of Addictions UK, UKAT, SMART Recovery as well as others. With their programmes and solutions in mind, a few ways to address addictions may include:

1. Home-Based Treatments

Home Detox Programmes: These allow people who want to manage addictions to detoxify at home under the supervision of medical professionals, as a less intense alternative to hospitalisation, and Addictions UK and UKAT support it as well.

2. Residential Rehabilitation

Residential Rehab Facilities: Organisations like UKAT have different types of residential treatments, from luxurious settings with a lot of amenities to more budget-friendly accommodations. These centres give a holistic approach to treatment, bring together medical, psychological, and social care.

3. Specialised Recovery Programmes

SMART Recovery’s 4-Point Programme: This programme assists participants with motivation, coping with urges, managing thoughts/feelings/behaviours, and achieving a balanced life. It helps participants to sustain recovery through everyday tools and community support.

UKAT’s 90-Day Treatment Option: A programme that includes detox, group therapies, individual counselling, and aftercare, for a thorough way to manage the addiction/s.

4. Support For Families And Friends

Family Support Programmes: Both Addictions UK and UKAT have good programmes specifically designed to support the families and friends of addicts, so they have the necessary tools to effectively support their loved ones while also caring for their own needs.

SMART Recovery for Family & Friends: A programme that educates and supports those who have a loved one who is facing addiction, as a way to help them deal with the troubles that come with it.

5. Educational And Training Programmes

Volunteer Training and Partnership Working: SMART Recovery and other organisations bring opportunities for people to get involved in supporting others through recovery by volunteering or partnering with the organisation to spread recovery programmes in different settings.

Professional Training: Programmes offered by Addictions UK and UKAT have professional psychology services and accredited counsellors, so that those involved in addiction care are well-prepared to deal with the troubles addiction comes with.

6. Community Involvement And Public Education

Organising Events: Community events help raise awareness about addiction and recovery, creating supportive environments where people can share experiences and learn from each other.

Public Awareness Campaigns: Initiatives to educate the public on the signs of addiction, the availability of help, and methods to support those in recovery.

7. Online And Telephonic Support

Helplines and Online Directories: Providing easy access to immediate support and information on finding local treatment services.

8. Aftercare And Ongoing Support

Aftercare Programmes: Last but not least, facilities like UKAT give up to a year of free aftercare following treatment completion to help maintain recovery. This includes follow-up sessions and support groups. This is an important and often neglected part of the recovery process as, recovery won’t always look like a linear process, and so support is needed.


How Startups Are Helping With Addiction Management

The startups industry is designed to solve problems and this is the essence of what startups around the world do each and every day and addiction is no different, with startups working to support people. Startups helping people combat and overcome addictions in the UK and further afield include:

1. Reveri

Introducing Reveri, the trailblazing, science backed, self-hypnosis app, curated by Dr David Spiegel, a globally renowned psychiatrist and brain expert from Stanford University. Reveri offers a series of interactive and guided hypnosis sessions backed by extensive clinical research.

This groundbreaking app is designed to strengthen the connection between mind and body, allowing us to rewire the way the brain thinks and responds, promoting positive sustainable changes so we can overcome anxiety, stress, worries, fears, and trauma.

During a normal day our Beta frequency is (14-40Hz). Our brains are conscious, reasoning, alert, logical and critical. During hypnosis our brains can switch frequencies effortlessly between Alpha and Theta waves (4 -14Hz). When we are operating in this way, we access enhanced visualisation and imagination, heightened learning and concentration.

We can create new, positive neural connections and pathways to successfully address our challenges, change habits, elevate our thinking and promote desirable behaviours.

Celebrities including Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods have consistently cited the power of hypnosis to help them improve mental stamina and focus while actress Charlize Theron has practiced hypnotherapy and credited its positive impact in helping her quit smoking permanently.

2. Rebel Therapies

Rebel Therapies was established to tackle the challenges of the unregulated digital landscape. Since the rise of smartphones and tablets in the 2010s, communication methods have drastically changed, often negatively affecting society. Digital apps and technology have had a significant impact, with some individuals being more affected than others.

The journey of Rebel Therapies began in 2013 when Munur Shah, an entrepreneur, business mentor, and life coach, experienced screen addiction in his own family. This personal challenge inspired him to investigate the root causes of these intrusive technologies, which increasingly influence emotions, thoughts, and behaviours.

Rebel Therapies invites parents, guardians, teachers, and carers to participate in their live online courses aimed at tackling screen addiction for both adults and children. These courses utilise the knowledge gained through comprehensive research, education, and advocacy to create an awareness of screen, gaming and social media addiction.

The team at Rebel Therapies consists of specialists and parents committed to sharing knowledge and experiences to raise awareness. They strive to create a sustainable, respectful, and healthy online environment by addressing the harmful effects of daily digital exposure.

3. Feel Amazing

The ‘Feel Amazing’ hypnotherapy app, by renowned addiction specialist Ailsa Frank, is the powerhouse habit breaker app to take back control.

Let the messages free you from the habits that trap you in a cycle of self destruction. Easy to use, uplifting colours and with the function of changing the background music to suit your mood.

Try ‘Take Control of Alcohol,’ ‘Stop Binge drinking’, ‘Stop drinking, go sober’, ‘Stop smoking’, Stop taking cocaine with new titles coming out summer 2024 ‘Get off your screen’,’ Stop sugar cravings’, ‘Gaming addiction’ and ‘Gambling addiction’.

The Feel Amazing app has more than 50 titles to release stress, promote wellbeing and support all areas of life to reset your habits, includes 6 free recordings. Annual subscription £45 or individual titles from £9.99. Get the whole family back into balance.


The MyNARA app was launched last year by abuse survivor and professionally qualified trauma counsellor Emma Davey. MyNARA is a safe, professionally-guided domestic abuse recovery app for those who are suffering in a romantic relationship with a narcissist.

Narcissists form a trauma bond with their victim. This is a powerful form of addiction, and why it’s so difficult to leave, no matter how abusive they are. Victims have compared it to the struggles of ending an addiction to Heroin.

1 in 3 women in England and Wales will experience domestic abuse in her lifetime and, on average, 2 women a week are killed by their partner. 1 in 6 men are victims with 30 a year killed by their partner. In the UK the economic and social cost is estimated by the UK Government at £66 billion per year.

MyNARA, including many features of the app (such as the cloud evidence store, red flag monitor and no-contact log) is available free on the app stores. The App also gives users access to the NarcArmour™ 12-phase recovery programme for just £6.99 per month. MyNARA already has thousands of active users across the world. Lawyers have called it a ‘game changer’.