Oshibori Concept: Revolutionising Client Care

“Wellness within your reach” 


At Oshibori Concept it’s all about making the customer feel their best, we all know its the little things that truly count.


Oshibori Concept is a newly opened business based in Paris but international in its outreach. The creator was able to identify a niche opening in the customer service industry that would greatly benefit the experience of customers and allow businesses to take client care to the next level.

Oshibori Concept whilst being the name of this company is also the name of a historic Japanese tradition, utilised for hundreds of years both in homes, and in commercial establishments, for both casual and special occasions.

What is it? 

In essence it is a welcoming towel which allows guests to refresh themselves upon entering a new place or embarking on a new experience. In Japan, sensitive and caring gestures such as these are an integral part of the way or life, where the client or guest is king. Oshibori Concept was able to delicately pick up on this behaviour through personal interaction with the concept and identify how it would have practical application amongst a Western market, integrating easily into restaurants, spas and luxury hotels for example.

It is amazing to pay homage to a historic culture in the present day by modernising a custom without it loosing the essence of the original idea it was created in. We hope our product as well as pleasing the client or guest highlights the depth and incredibly interesting nature of Japanese culture.

The towels are presented like gifts, concealed either rolled or folded inside a sophisticated plastic wrapper. These wrappers can be customised both for personal use or for business purposes, with a name, phrases or logo being easily applied. The oshibori are made from 100% recyclable cotton and are available in a variety of qualities, textures and fragrances (namely green tea, white tea or orange blossom).


The success of this concept is confirmed in the companies which have now been associated with Oshibori Concept, such as Ritz, Lexus and Jaeger-leCoultre.


We can curate our product to reflect the ethos and personality of your business.


As marketplaces grow more and more competitive the small things are beginning to make more a difference in the success potential of a business. Those who are able to identify and provide this minute details are transforming the service industry. By taking inspiration from Japanese culture and its devotion to pleasing the ‘other’ it seems unlikely that Oshibori Concept will not go from strength to strength.