Papaya Global and Mesh Payments Partner to Transform Employee Expenses and Reimbursements Amid a Rising Remote Workforce

Papaya Global, the global people management platform for the remote working era, and Mesh Payments, a leading provider in corporate payment and spend management, today announced a partnership to meet the demand of global and distributed workforces for seamless spend and expense management. Leveraging Mesh Payments, Papaya Global now offers an unmatched corporate payment and expense management solution for remote employees as part of its payroll and workforce management platform.

Traditionally, employees have been responsible for covering business expenses until they are reimbursed at the next payment cycle. As companies work to operationalize distributed and remote workforce models, outdated expense reimbursement systems make it more complicated for companies to manage and control their remote employees’ expenses, including the burden of employees fronting costs while they navigate the reimbursement process.

With payroll providers shifting to manage global and distributed workforces, Papaya Global offers a single service that allows companies to consolidate and streamline payroll and keep track of their global employees. By offering Mesh’s corporate payment solution via the Papaya platform, companies can now completely eliminate the need for employees to cover their business expenses upfront.

“Payroll and employee reimbursements are a critical part of the employee experience and the process has become increasingly complex as companies turn to a global talent pool,” said Eynat Guez, Co-founder & CEO of Papaya Global.  “Papaya’s strategic partnership with Mesh Payments enables us to deliver a more seamless and frictionless expense management experience that helps companies meet the needs of a distributed and global workforce.”

“Tight integration of payroll and spend management is what finance teams and CFOs tell us they need,” said Oded Zehavi, Co-founder & CEO of Mesh Payments. “We are thrilled to partner with Papaya Global to offer companies a modern payment and expense management solution, with the greater control, visibility, and ease finance managers want and a platform that is architected for the distributed and remote workforces of today.”

As the first payroll solution to offer the Mesh Payments platform, Papaya’s customers will now realize a host of benefits, including the ability to set policies and impose limits on employee expenses, orchestrate payment approvals, automatically collect receipts, and produce real-time payment reports — giving department leaders and finance teams total transparency and control over remote employee payments.