Parasite Found In Water Sheds Light On Water Treatment Startups

Sky News reported a recent waterborne disease outbreak in Devon, where South West Water discovered a parasite, cryptosporidium, in the Hillhead reservoir. Residents in Brixham and Alston were advised to boil their drinking water as a precaution. Initially deemed safe, water quality concerns led to a boil notice affecting 16,000 households and businesses.

Symptoms of cryptosporidiosis were reported by hundreds, prompting a primary school closure. Affected residents shared their hardships, with some experiencing severe health implications.

South West Water established bottled water collection points to mitigate the situation. The cause was attributed to a damaged air valve, with investigations ongoing. The UK Health Security Agency confirmed cases and urged caution, as the situation may persist for a week or longer.


How Does Water Purification Work?


Water purification is a process that removes contaminants from water, making it safe for drinking or other uses.

One common method is filtration, where water passes through a porous material to trap impurities. Another method is distillation, which involves boiling water and then collecting the steam, leaving behind contaminants. Chemical treatments, like chlorination, use chemicals to kill bacteria and other harmful organisms in water.

Ultraviolet (UV) treatment exposes water to UV light, which disrupts the DNA of microorganisms, rendering them harmless. Reverse osmosis is a process where water is forced through a semipermeable membrane, removing contaminants. Ion exchange involves swapping ions in water with ions in a resin, removing impurities. Coagulation and flocculation use chemicals to clump together particles in water, making it easier to remove them.

Each method has its advantages and is used depending on the specific contaminants present and the desired level of purification. By understanding these purification methods, we can ensure access to clean and safe water for everyone.


Water Treatment Startups


Several startups are emerging to address water treatment challenges. These innovative companies are developing new technologies to purify water more efficiently. Their solutions range from advanced filtration systems to innovative chemical treatments. By focusing on water treatment, these startups are contributing to a cleaner and safer water supply for communities worldwide.


Sofi Filtration




Sofi Filtration is a Finnish company specialising in cutting-edge liquid filtration technology. They address the increasing challenges faced by industries such as mineral processing, metal refining, oil & gas, and power generation due to water scarcity and rising costs.

Their Sofi Filter offers an automatic and energy-efficient microfiltration solution, aiding companies in meeting environmental, social, and governance (ESG) targets while ensuring high-quality process water for production. Sofi’s filters help reduce water pollution, enable effective water recycling, and improve resource efficiency, making them a valuable partner for industries striving for sustainability.


Boreal Light GmbH




Boreal Light GmbH, based in Berlin, specialises in renewable energy solutions for water treatment. They design and manufacture affordable solar water desalination systems for off-grid communities globally. Their systems produce high-quality drinking, irrigation, fish farm, and sanitation water from saline and polluted sources.

Powered solely by solar energy, Boreal Light emphasises simplicity, affordability, and off-grid capability. Their containerised solutions ensure hassle-free installation, providing clean water solutions to remote areas efficiently and sustainably.


NVP Energy




NVP Energy pioneers low-cost, low-carbon wastewater treatment with its AMBI-ROBIC® Technology. This innovative solution reduces waste, slashes energy consumption, and generates biogas, significantly lowering total operating costs.

By transforming wastewater into renewable energy, NVP Energy’s technology offers a short return on investment, making it financially attractive while reducing carbon emissions. Suitable for various industries, it integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure, providing a sustainable solution for wastewater treatment and energy generation.



Innova Water




Innova Water provides leading sustainable water purification solutions, utilising solar energy to address the global need for clean water. Their technology offers cost-effective and eco-friendly purification, powered by the sun’s renewable energy. With scalable systems adaptable to various project sizes, they ensure reliable water purification without compromising environmental sustainability.

Innova Water caters to diverse industries, including manufacturing, mining, agriculture, and energy, providing a competitive advantage through reliable, solar-powered purification technology.


NSI Mobile Water Solutions




NSI Mobile Water Solutions provides exchangeable cylinder services for deionisation, catering to various industries’ water purification needs. Their reliable service ensures a steady supply of purified water, enhancing product quality and operational efficiency.

With flexible delivery options and installation support, NSI Mobile Water Solutions offers a seamless experience. Their sustainable approach includes off-site recycling of spent ion exchange resins, minimising on-site chemical handling. Customers benefit from cost-effective solutions without the need for investing in ion exchange resins.


Sentry Water Technologies Inc




Sentry Water Technologies Inc. introduces a groundbreaking biological activity and water quality monitoring sensor platform, revolutionising wastewater treatment. Their bio-electrode sensors offer real-time data, aiding municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plant managers and anaerobic digester operators in optimising processes.

With hundreds of facilities already benefiting, Sentry sensors act as a “Heart Rate Monitor for Biology,” providing actionable insights to enhance treatment efficiency and save costs.


Eco2Mix Inc.


Eco2Mix Inc. offers a comprehensive solution for water pH control, producing carbonic acid on-site for agricultural use. This sustainable and ecological service enhances nutrient availability, prevents scale buildup in irrigation systems, and promotes soil biology.

With fully automated technology, including remote monitoring and control, Eco2Mix ensures optimal pH levels without the need for manual intervention. Their service, tailored to customer needs, reduces costs compared to traditional methods like sulfuric acid, offering a safer and more efficient alternative for growers.