A Perfect Roast: Batch Coffee

Batch coffee is a speciality coffee subscription service that showcases the very best coffee around the world roasted by independent coffee roasters in the UK.

With an ever-growing list of roasteries popping up by the week in the UK and Ireland, there are so many new coffees and roasting styles to try. Although the larger more established roasteries are easy to find online and on social media, the smaller micro-roasteries with little budget for marketing are a little harder to sniff out. Which is where we come in.

Whether you’re new to the world of speciality coffee or you’re a seasoned veteran, you will appreciate trying two coffees at once to be able to compare flavours and attributes alongside each other. Which is why we send you two different coffees in our subscription box. It is how the professionals compare coffee in coffee tasting competitions and it is how we like to enjoy our coffee.


The coffees that we send out to our customers are selected from the ever-growing archive of reviewed coffees here at Batch. We receive coffees from around the UK and Ireland which are sampled, slurped, sipped and then rated. We then carefully select the very best which we pair together to complement each other.

We aim to be completely honest and transparent; the subscription service is personal and unique and we want to get to know you and create a coffee-loving community around Batch. Coming from backgrounds in hospitality, customer service is of the utmost importance to us and we genuinely value each customer as a friend.

Our founder Tom has worked around the world in speciality coffee for 9 years. Australia was the place where he cut his teeth in the speciality coffee industry. A coffee-mad country where everybody is a coffee-connoisseur and your average cup of joe from your average greasy spoon is normally at a pretty high standard. It really inspired Tom to dive into the industry and he was well and truly hooked after tryinng his first pour over with a naturally processed African coffee at a hipster cafe in Sydney, he then that he wanted to dive into the fantastic world of coffee. So he quit his job and took a role as a Barista at one of Sydney’s top speciality coffee shops. He later progressed through to roasting coffee and green coffee buying.

His coffee journey then took him to South America, where he lived in Colombia and Peru, working on coffee farms and experiencing what life is like in coffee-producing countries. His trip took him from the Northernmost coffee-growing region of the Americas, Mexico down to the most southern, Bolivia. Visiting a coffee farm in each country.  It was a once in a lifetime experience and an insight into the connections that the farmers have with coffee and a part of the process that most people know little about.

He returned to the UK and initially started roasting coffee for an independent roastery in Manchester. Weekends were spent sampling the great coffee we have in the UK and he soon realised there was little information and reviews about independent speciality coffee. So with a pen, a spoon and a kettle and little bit of prior knowledge about creating a website, Batch coffee was born. After spending a few months tasting some of the best coffee we have in the UK and becoming a bit of an expert on independent coffee roasters. Tom wanted other people to have a similar experience, tasting amazing coffee and for these wonderful micro-roasters to be celebrated. The Batch coffee subscription box enables people to try some of the best coffees from around the world that have been expertly roasted here in the UK.

There are a few other similar subscription concepts but Batch is aimed at people who want to try and sample the best coffee but may not have had much experience in speciality coffee. You don’t have to have an expensive coffee grinder as we can grind your coffee for you all you need is a Cafetiere and you can join the coffee journey.

Tom is as passionate as ever to source the very best coffee to showcase in each Batch box. His drive is to encourage people to ditch the nespresso pods and instant coffee in favour of speciality coffee. Not only will the quality improve 100 fold but the sustainability, fair trade and stories that are incorporated within speciality coffee make it worth the change.

For more information and to subscribe, visit https://www.batchcoffee.co.uk/