Prediko Startup Profile – TechRound


– Written by the Prediko team –


About Prediko


Prediko is an Inventory Planning SaaS for E-commerce. They predict inventory needs to help direct-to-consumer brands

  • Get rid of stockouts & excess inventory
  • Save time & money when analysing sales and replenishing stock




The company is now joining Techstars (March 2021) to accelerate its growth and get a warm introduction to the US ecosystem.


Our Story


Over the past few years, Prediko’s founders Nicolas Sabatier and Youri Moskovic have had the chance to develop AI, supply-chain, and retail expertise. They built bespoke systems for some of the world’s largest enterprises and understood how powerful yet expensive, complex, and difficult to implement these solutions are. They also realised that while the big players of the industry were benefiting from the efficiency of their technology, small-to-mid-sized businesses that are fighting to catch up were missing out. Needless to say, Nicolas and Youri weren’t comfortable with this idea and decided to support them.


Problems We Solve


As brands get started, they pour efforts into product design, digital marketing, and customer service. But once they find their product market fit and scale their business, they start having back office challenges and are often not properly equipped to face them.

By discussing with online brands Nicolas and Youri understood that they use Excel as their default inventory planner, and that when their business scales, their spreadsheets don’t. Forecasting demand quickly becomes time-consuming and inaccurate, leading brands to face stockouts and excess inventory which impacts their profitability. No smart, flexible, and fast way existed to optimise inventory.


Prediko V1


Prediko just launched this month and already works with 10+ fashion brands such as Kimai, Sirplus, Tajinebanane, and RipaRipa. 

Their SaaS connects to its customers’ sales and marketing data sources (Shopify, Facebook & Google Ads) with a Plug & Play module and accurately predicts demand via the analysis of seasonality, the impact of marketing, promotions, and new product launches. 

The first version of Prediko offers key features for direct-to-consumer brands such as cashflow & sales forecasting and analytics, dynamic purchase orders, predictions for upcoming products, and more.

It only takes a few minutes for brands to set up an account, start forecasting inventory performance in real-time, and make informed operational decisions.


Our Mission


Prediko is on a mission to democratise access to advanced technologies for the growing & underserved community of small-to-mid-sized ecommerce. It aims to help online brands operate efficiently by transforming their business data into actionable new insights.

Nicolas and Youri have grand ambitions and are starting this journey by transforming the mandatory and painful inventory planning experience faced by online brands. Their goal is to grow with its customers and serve them throughout their journey to become the leading brands of tomorrow.