Proptech Startup Brightchecker Transforms Property Inspection Process For a Partner, With First Live Pilot

Brightchecker app

Proptech – Brightchecker has won the adulation of St Georges Works, commercial property managers based in East Anglia. With their app they have reinvented the property inspection process, putting tenant safety as a paramount foundation of its design, ease and speed of use for the property manager at its core. The pilot has proven a number of critical uses for the app across health, safety and insurance obligations, as well as saving time and money using outdated, ineffective checking methods.


Brightchecker app


 Marcella Blakey of St Georges Works saidIt used to take up valuable time and resource to carry out our critical inspections and compile schedules of condition using traditional methods. The safety of our customers is paramount, it is also a legal obligation as well as part of our insurance terms to make sure every fine detail about our shared spaces is carefully surveyed. We saw the Brightchecker tool, which provides a guided templated experience around our shared spaces, with the ability to record images and narrative to report on property condition. What’s more, there’s no writing up as a report is produced at the end of it.

Mark Trett, Brightchecker CEO said: “This is really proof in the pudding for us, signing up St Georges Works have been great in giving us, a chance and it has really paid off for us both. We were and are looking for other businesses to partner with and think once they see what we have to offer it is a smart choice for customer safety and saving time and cost.” 

Along with St Georges Works, the Brightchecker team have made some significant refinements to the app allowing it to be used by anyone with a need to check anything with additional features coming soon such as conditional masking and video clips plus many more!



Originally co-founders Mark Trett and John Antill decided to set up a manned inspection service that used manual checklists and report production. This brought about the concept that a guided app for property inspections designed to save property managers and landlords time and money would be a viable business.

Brightchecker is a start-up tech business from Norfolk and is another exciting example of Norwich producing businesses harnessing tech development to improve productivity. You can find out more at their website.

St Georges Works is a part of the thriving tech ecosystem of Norwich. They have office spaces and facilities to benefit businesses in the area. Book flexible space and meeting rooms here.