Startup Profile: Revision Buddies: An Innovative Approach to GCSE Revision

Revision Buddies is an EdTech company that is dedicated to boosting GCSE candidates’ grades. The useful self-assessment learning tool is available via the company’s website and their IOS and Android mobile apps as founder George Webb claimed that he “wanted to make the revision quizzes as accessible as possible so that students can revise via the medium that they are most comfortable with”.



The user-friendly software can be accessed through computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and smart boards, allowing Revision Buddies to be used during lessons at school, at home whilst pupils undertake their homework and independent revision, or whilst students’ are out and about. A custom built version of the app has even been developed for Clevertouch smart screens and can be downloaded from their Cleverstore. Users can therefore conveniently benefit from the revision device anywhere and at any time.


The app and website offer thousands of course specific multiple-choice questions and detailed explanations that are carefully curated against the Edexcel, AQA and OCR syllabi to serve the maximum benefit for candidates in their upcoming examinations. The high quality quizzes are currently available for Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, French, History, Geography and Religious Studies and are accompanied by a large bank of past paper questions. Better yet, each subject can be accessed for an extremely affordable price of £2.99 per annum and can be purchased even cheaper if bought in volume. Whether candidates are studying higher or lower tier, double award or triple award, OCR, Edexcel or AQA, experienced educators have dedicated their time to ensuring that students can adapt these apps according to their requirements so that they can get the most out of their revision time.


As well as benefitting students, Revision Buddies use a Group Enrolment feature that allows parents and teachers to monitor a user’s progress. This provides a perfect tool for parents who can personally review their child’s progress without having to rely solely on school reports. Moreover, using these features can greatly improve a teacher’s productivity as it reduces time spent on assessment and marking, giving teachers extra time to focus on resolving any knowledge gaps that have been identified through the report system which displays the student’s mark, responses and response times. Revision Buddies therefore prides itself in creating a streamlined process for all of those involved.


Revision Buddies builds on candidates’ confidence, knowledge and understanding in preparation for GCSE exams, and offers a fun and effective revision environment that helps students work towards achieving the best grade possible. The company’s mission to provide an alternative form of revision has been extremely successful so far as Revision Buddies has already been used by over 500,000 candidates and many schools have also purchased it on behalf of their students so that they can take advantage of the reporting facilities


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