Robert Gordon University – Successful Alumni who Founded Startups

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Rajesh Kumar Plamthottathil – TrackGenesis




TrackGenesis was established in 2019 by Rajesh Kumar Plamthottathil after graduating MBA from Robert Gordon University. Rajesh is an experienced and motivated software professional who has a passion for cutting edge technologies and their effects when it is applied to solve real-world problems.

TrackGenesis participated in the RGU Startup accelerator programme and ONE Digital Accelerator programme in 2019. They won a special award in the Food and Drink category at a prestigious national award ceremony by the Scottish Institute of Enterprise in March 2019, also won SIE’s monthly fresh ideas competition in December 2018. TrackGenesis started with one member in 2019 and now they have eight very talented and enthusiast team members, with the team still growing.

TrackGenesis develop blockchain platforms that allow organisations within multiple sectors to better capture their net zero targets and provide their consumers with a tool to discover their product’s provenance. ‘Our direct customers are businesses however we indirectly serve consumers by providing them a tool they can utilise to obtain data from firms they know they can trust. This is all done via the means of a QR code on products which connects to our blockchain platform.’ said Rajesh.

The company has been growing very fast in recent years, specially pushed forward by consumer needs to buy from ethical and sustainable brands. One of their clients is MadPotato, a company promoting environmentally sustainable and provenance transparency, to track products sold via their e-commerce channels but also from in-store from the farm. This project has been a huge success prompting other companies like Roehill Springs gin and Brewtoon to join the mission and integrate blockchain in their systems making them the first collaborations of its kind in UK. 

‘We are extremely proud to have the first collaborations in UK in the gin and beer industry. It is becoming more and more clear blockchain can bring added value to businesses and help them not just validate their sustainability claims but also help them better organise their operations, improve their supply chain, provide crucial marketing data and ultimately reduce costs and improve their margins. All these while playing their role in climate change.’ Said Rajesh. 

The company is addressing small business owners by offering a managed platform at a very small cost compared to a custom one. For larger operators they have been developing customised platforms. ‘We want to play our part in the climate change race by not just targeting large operators that can afford a customised platform but also the small business owners that would benefit from it but do not have large budgets. In the end, what matters most is that we all take a proactive approach and address climate change and start implementing the tools we have to address it. And we want to make it as easier as possible for the independent business owners to address their sustainability’ added Rajesh. 

TrackGenesis is also a member of the Greentech Alliance. This organisation is a group of firms which put the planet before profit.


Lucy Fisher – Knit It


knit it


The Knit It® mission is to inspire the digital generation to pick up their needles and start knitting!

The founder, Lucy Fisher is a passionate knitter was inspired to create Knit It® after facing the problems all knitters encounter. Knitting is complicated, confusing and stuck in the past. Knit It® have developed a new innovative digital platform that will make knitting simpler, easier and fun.

The platform has smart interactive tools that teach less confident knitters new skills and allow the experienced to push the boundaries of their craft! Their aim is to reinvent knitting to make it more accessible to the digital savvy generation and ensure the longevity of the traditional hand craft.

Lucy founded Knit It® after graduating from Robert Gordon University having studied Architecture. Her idea for Knit It® was selected to participate in the RGU Accelerator Programme 2020. This Accelerator provided Lucy with the support, mentorship and funding to explore the desirability, feasibility and viability of her idea and turn it into a reality. Lucy aims to launch the Knit It® Platform in Summer 2022!


If there is someone you would like to add to the list, please email us directly.