Semiconductor Startups: Small Chips, Big Dreams

The semiconductor industry is all about making tiny electronic parts that power many devices we use daily. Many startups in the industry are improving our lives without us even noticing, creating powerful semiconductors – small components made from materials that can regulate the flow of electricity.

These small components might seem insignificant, but they play a huge role in our lives. Think about how much you rely on your phone or laptop each day. Without semiconductors, these devices wouldn’t function. They make our lives easier by enabling communication, entertainment, and access to information, among other things.

Startups in the semiconductor industry improve the lives of regular people by providing the technology that drives modern conveniences. Here we explore startups delivering groundbreaking advancements that shape our lives; from staying connected with loved ones to accessing important information online.







SiPearl is at the forefront of European technology, crafting high-performance, low-power microprocessors for AI inference and supercomputing. Led by CEO Philippe Notton, their flagship product, Rhea, promises breakthroughs in medical research, security, energy management, and climate modelling.

With a focus on environmental responsibility, SiPearl champions Europe’s technological sovereignty, contributing to scientific progress and societal well-being. Supported by strategic partnerships and European funding, SiPearl is poised to revolutionise computing, empowering Europe to tackle global challenges with innovative, sustainable solutions. Subscribe to their newsletter for updates on their milestones and industry events.







SCALINX, founded in 2015, is a fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Paris. Specialising in highly-integrated mixed-signal products, they cater to markets such as Defence & Aerospace and Wired/Wireless Communications. Their team comprises seasoned engineers and PhDs, averaging 20 years of experience each in RF/Mixed-Signal/Digital design.

SCALINX offers evaluation boards and user-friendly software for rapid system prototyping. Additionally, they provide ASIC design & supply services, leveraging their broad internal portfolio of IP to reduce development risks and accelerate time to market. Their proprietary SCCORE™ technology enables power-efficient Integrated Circuits for wideband signal processing.







Pragmatic, established in 2015, pioneers ultra-low-cost, flexible integrated circuit (FlexIC) technology. Their innovative approach simplifies embedding intelligence into various applications quickly and affordably. Unlike traditional silicon-based chips, Pragmatic’s thin-film semiconductor technology produces flexible integrated circuits thinner than a human hair, significantly reducing production costs and offering faster manufacturing.

Pragmatic’s product range includes evaluation boards and user-friendly software for rapid system prototyping. Additionally, they provide ASIC design & supply services, leveraging their extensive internal portfolio of IP to reduce development risks and accelerate time to market. With a focus on sustainability, Pragmatic operates responsibly, striving to minimise environmental impact while delivering cutting-edge semiconductor solutions.


Quantum Diamonds



quantum diamonds


Quantum Diamonds pioneers non-destructive measurement technology, providing nano-scale resolution for industries like semiconductors, biotechnology, and chemistry. Their quantum sensors, embedded within diamonds, offer unparalleled sensitivity and spatial resolution. With real-time results, users optimise efficiency and minimise downtime in their production processes.

Quantum Diamonds’ mission is to build a global quantum sensing platform, advancing various fields. Their products include ready-to-use quantum sensors, super-resolution quantum imagers, and lab services. With a diverse team boasting over 20 years of quantum research experience, Quantum Diamonds disrupts the sensing industry, making the invisible visible.




GrAI Matter Labs





GrAI Matter Labs is reshaping the landscape of AI, focusing on Life-Ready AI that mirrors natural intelligence. Their brain-inspired chips bring AI to the edge, enabling devices to act and react like humans in real-time. By leveraging their NeuronFlow™ technology, they achieve up to 95% reduction in latency and power consumption, making edge AI faster and more energy-efficient.

With global locations in Paris, Silicon Valley, and Eindhoven, their team combines expertise in neuromorphic computing and silicon design to pioneer the next generation of AI. GrAI Matter Labs is leading the charge towards an optimised future where AI enhances productivity across various industries.





CrayoNano, a semiconductor company established in 2012 and headquartered in Trondheim, Norway, specialises in nanomaterials-based semiconductor components. Their pioneering UV-C LED technology targets the fast-growing market of disinfection for air, water, and surfaces, contributing to a healthier and more sustainable future.

With a commitment to quality and compliance with environmental regulations such as RoHS and REACH, CrayoNano ensures the safety and health of their customers, employees, and communities. Through clear planning, open communication, and collaboration, they deliver reliable solutions that enable sustainable progress towards global environment and health challenges.







Sarcura pioneers innovative manufacturing systems for cell therapy, offering hope to patients with diseases like cancer. By developing autonomous and miniaturised platforms, Sarcura aims to make life-saving treatments accessible, affordable, and safe for many. Their technology integrates machine intelligence, semiconductor chip technology, and modular design to increase capacity, reduce costs, and improve quality in cell therapy manufacturing.

With a vision to transform cancer treatment and beyond, Sarcura’s groundbreaking approach addresses the challenges of variability, complexity, and scalability in current manufacturing processes. Joining forces with partners and experts, Sarcura drives forward the future of cell therapy.





Spectricity pioneers spectral sensing solutions for mobile devices, revolutionising photography and beyond. Their S1 multispectral image sensor and camera module, a world-first, delivers high-resolution images across the visible and near-infrared range at video rates, perfect for smartphones.

With over 15 years of R&D, backed by a strong patent portfolio, Spectricity’s technology ensures true colour reproduction, accurate colour matching, and easy integration into applications. Their plug-and-play sensing systems provide clean, repeatable spectra, empowering users to unlock new possibilities in photography, cosmetics, health, and more. Spectricity is at the forefront of spectral imaging, offering a brighter future for mobile devices.