Top 12 AI Personal Assistants For Your Startup

Google’s Gemini has updated their features with a new tool that acts as a personal assistant with G-Suite services. This is yet another useful tool in the age of AI virtual assistants. These tools are useful across industries, and can be used for both personal and professional reasons.



How Do AI Assistants Support Customer Service?


AI assistants are transforming customer service by providing quick, efficient answers to questions. Especially useful on social platforms like Facebook Messenger, AI assistants are great for operational teams, enhancing customer service perceptions. For businesses, this means less waiting time for customers and reduced workload for support staff, making operations smoother and more efficient.


Can AI Assistants Drive Sales?


In the world of ecommerce, especially, AI assistants are invaluable. They assist customers in discovering new products and making purchases directly through the assistant.

This seamless shopping experience is particularly beneficial for businesses with recurring sales models, making it easier for customers to find and buy products, thus driving sales upwards.


What Are the Benefits of AI For Admin?


For tasks such as personal tracking, AI assistants offer unique benefits. They can be tailored to individual needs, such as budget tracking in finance, or individuals tracking their health and fitness goals.

This daily engagement not only provides value to users but also encourages regular interaction with you and your team in a business, while allowing you to set goals and watch your progression.


How Do AI Assistants Enhance Productivity?


AI assistants help everyone work smarter, as opposed to harder. They sort out all the information and data, so team members can concentrate on the big picture stuff.

They give you a neat summary of what’s going on, pull together data in one place, and make everyone’s life easier by getting to what they need fast. This makes the workplace a happier place, as everything is out in the open and runs more smoothly.


12 AI Assistant Tools For Your Startup


1. BrainA



Braina (Brain Artificial) is a versatile personal assistant and AI software for Windows PC users. It enables voice interaction in multiple languages, allowing you to perform various tasks hands-free.

Braina is unique because it understands natural language commands and can convert speech to text in over 100 languages, making it more than just a standard voice recognition tool.

Key features include dictation, controlling your PC, setting reminders, performing calculations, and reading e-books aloud. It’s designed to boost productivity both personally and professionally.

Unlike typical chat-bots, Braina prioritises functionality, assisting with everyday tasks efficiently. It also offers personalised AI experiences with a self-editing memory feature, standing out as a powerful productivity tool.

For added convenience, Braina provides an Android and iOS app, enabling you to control your PC remotely over WiFi. It respects user privacy by storing most data locally.

Whether you need to play music, open files, or get the latest news, Braina adapts to your needs, making technology easier and more accessible.


2. AI Assistant PRO



AI Assistant Pro is an all-in-one AI software that caters to a wide range of needs. It provides tools for content creation, image processing, language improvement, and more.

This software is designed to boost productivity and creativity for users of all levels, offering both free and premium features.

For free, users can ask questions on various topics and receive answers, as well as generate images based on text prompts. Paid features include advanced image recognition, grammar and spelling correction, text summarisation, and translation, enhancing your work’s accuracy and clarity.

Also, AI Assistant Pro can generate creative content such as taglines, sales pitches, stories, and even music. For developers, it offers code generation and correction, while professionals can benefit from its audio transcription and resume enhancement tools.

AI Assistant Pro stands out for its versatility and user-friendly approach, making complex tasks simpler and more accessible to everyone.



3. Vello AI




Vello is celebrated globally for its ability to enhance teamwork and individual productivity through AI. It offers a unique multiplayer feature allowing teams to collaboratively build content quickly.

Vello stands out for its web search capabilities, making it a valuable tool for research, as praised by users like Kian Alavi, CEO of Mazlo.

This platform supports various AI models from top providers, ensuring diverse and powerful assistance. Vello promotes collaboration via team spaces, where users can work together in real-time, combining human and AI efforts.

It’s designed to be user-friendly, catering to both technical and non-technical users, offering solutions across web, mobile, and desktop platforms.

Vello’s in-house Web and Document models provide in-depth responses with citations and enable seamless document editing. It’s not just a chatbot; it’s a great AI tool designed to streamline workflows and provide creative solutions.

Whether for a small team or individual use, Vello adapts to a variety of needs, making it a versatile tool in any AI assistant toolkit.


4. Sider AI



Sider is a versatile AI assistant designed to enhance your browsing experience. It integrates seamlessly as a sidebar on any website, enabling users to read and write articles effortlessly.

With support for advanced AI models like GPT-3.5, GPT-4, and others, Sider offers a comprehensive AI chat experience directly within your browser.

Boasting over 3 million active users and a high rating, Sider stands out for its ability to summarise YouTube videos, manage PDFs, and create AI paintings.

It’s also a full-fledged assistant that helps with generating articles, emails, and even poetry swiftly, transforming hours of work into minutes.

Moreover, Sider enhances reading by offering features like translation and summarisation, turning any reading material into an engaging, interactive experience.

Its text-to-image feature allows for the creation of unique artworks, making it a perfect companion for both professional and personal use. Add Sider to Chrome and unlock a new level of productivity and creativity.


5. Chat AI – Apple App Store



Welcome to Chat AI, the revolutionary iOS application that allows you to chat for free with an advanced AI chatbot, as well as interact with a selection of renowned personalities, thanks to the power of Chat GPT. In addition to that, Chat AI offers a diverse range of features to assist you in various areas.


Key Features:

Chat with an advanced AI chatbot: Chat AI enables you to communicate with an advanced AI chatbot capable of accurately and relevantly responding to your queries.

Whether it’s getting book recommendations, finding recipes, receiving travel advice, or benefiting from sports coaching tips, the AI is here to assist you. It provides a user-friendly chat-based interface and can even understand complex requests and provide additional information upon request.

Converse with famous personalities: In addition to interacting with the AI, Chat AI also allows you to converse with a selection of renowned personalities.

Choose from a diverse list of celebrities, experts, and even fictional characters. Engage directly with your favorite stars, discover their stories, advice, and secrets.

AI Image Generator: By harnessing natural language processing capabilities, Chat AI goes even further by enabling you to generate stunning images using AI. You can create custom illustrations, unique avatars, or even fantastic landscapes simply by using the built-in image generator.

Multilingual: Chat AI supports multiple languages, allowing you to communicate with the AI and personalities in your native language, facilitating interaction and understanding.


6. Pi AI



Pi is an engaging AI assistant designed to adapt across various devices and platforms, including iOS, Android, and social media like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.

It’s crafted to be personal, growing smarter as you interact more, ensuring a tailored and intelligent experience.

Pi offers a diverse range of services from venting and journaling to studying and brainstorming ideas. Whether you need to unwind and feel calm, read a story, or learn something new, Pi is ready to assist.

It aims to simplify complex ideas, making learning enjoyable and accessible.

Acknowledging its own growth potential, Pi approaches every interaction with curiosity and a desire to improve. It’s also a creative and fun companion that’s there to support, motivate, and help you make changes in your life, whether it’s a new job, a health goal, or a new hobby. Pi represents a supportive friend, ready to help you tackle the day with practical solutions and a dash of fun.



7. HyperWrite AI



HyperWrite offers an AI assistant designed to streamline your daily tasks, from managing emails to booking flights. This AI agent adapts to your needs, optimising your workflow across various platforms and tasks.

With HyperWrite, you can delegate tasks such as organising your Gmail inbox, drafting responses, booking travel, and even ordering food. It’s like having a personal assistant available at all times, integrated seamlessly into your online activities.

This tool learns from your preferences to provide tailored suggestions, transforming time-consuming chores into quick, manageable commands.

HyperWrite redefines web interaction, turning your browser into a self-driving tool for research, planning, and automating tedious tasks. Say hello to more productivity and less busywork with HyperWrite’s Personal Assistant.


8. Lindy AI



Lindy offers a no-code solution to create AI agents tailored to your business needs, from medical scribing to sales and customer support.

Designed for ease of use, you can build your own AI assistant in minutes, automating tasks such as document handling, customer communications, and internal operations.

With over 3,000 integrations, Lindy fits seamlessly into your existing systems, enhancing efficiency without disrupting workflows.

You can organise multiple Lindies into societies, enabling collaborative efforts for complex tasks. Lindy operates around the clock, ensuring tasks are completed accurately and swiftly, based on natural language instructions.

This AI tool is adaptable, learning your preferences and adjusting to new instructions as needed. With Lindy, enhance your productivity affordably and effectively, keeping you informed with event-based triggers while it handles the mundane tasks.


9. Leon AI



Leon is an open-source personal assistant designed to streamline your digital tasks. Residing on your own server, Leon prioritises privacy, allowing full control over your data without the need for third-party involvement.

This virtual assistant is capable of automating various aspects of your virtual life, effectively acting as your digital brain.

Leon’s modular architecture means it’s highly customisable, letting you add or develop new functions as needed. It integrates AI technologies like natural language processing and speech-to-text to enhance interactions.

Whether for personal use or development, Leon offers limitless possibilities for task automation and assistance.

Being under the MIT license, Leon encourages wide-ranging growth with minimal restrictions. Users can also contribute to its development, adding skills and features to meet their unique needs.


10. Exceed AI is an AI assistant designed to automate and enhance the lead conversion process for sales and marketing teams. It engages with leads across multiple platforms like email, chat, and SMS, efficiently automating tasks such as capturing, engaging, qualifying, and scheduling meetings with leads at scale.

Trusted by leading companies, increases productivity by automating repetitive tasks, allowing sales teams to focus on closing deals.

It offers a significant boost in sales-ready leads and helps achieve sales quotas by ensuring every lead is engaged. Features include AI-powered lead follow-up, website chatbots for converting visitors into leads, AI lead qualification, and automated meeting scheduling. is celebrated for transforming the sales funnel, reducing the cost of customer acquisition, and increasing the rate of lead qualification.

It seamlessly integrates with major CRMs and marketing platforms, aligning sales and marketing efforts to drive growth.


11. ClickUp Brain



ClickUp introduces ClickUp Brain, an all-encompassing AI work assistant designed to merge tasks, documentation, and company knowledge into one intelligent platform.

It acts as an AI Knowledge Manager, providing instant answers from your company’s tasks, docs, and projects, eliminating the need for human queries.

The AI Project Manager automates updates and project management, streamlining workflows and eliminating repetitive tasks. The AI Writer for Work enhances content creation, offering integrated writing assistance tailored for professional environments, including spell check and quick replies.

ClickUp Brain ensures privacy and data security, strictly prohibiting data use for model training. It boosts productivity by 30%, improves team alignment, and can reduce costs significantly, offering an affordable AI solution for businesses at only $5 per user per month.

This tool transforms the way teams work, making operations more efficient and aligned with organisational goals.


12. Google Gemini



Gemini is an AI mobile assistant that seamlessly integrates with Google apps like Gmail, Maps, and YouTube to streamline your daily tasks.

Available on Android as the Gemini app and on iOS within the Google app, it enhances your productivity by assisting with learning, writing, event planning, and more. You can interact with Gemini using text, voice, images, or your camera for a diverse range of help.

Gemini stands out for its adaptability, offering personalised responses based on your interactions. It maintains your privacy by operating on your device and offers a comprehensive support system across multiple platforms.

Whether organising emails, booking flights, or simply seeking answers, Gemini provides intelligent assistance anytime, anywhere. This makes it a versatile companion for those looking to efficiently manage their digital lives.


What Other Features Do AI Assistants Provide?


AI assistants can maintain the context of conversations, remember past interactions, predict future inquiries, and learn from interactions to improve future responses.

Each tool and platform offers a unique set of benefits, so its important to do your research, and have another look at the list about so that you can decide and compare which one best suits your needs.

This adaptability makes AI assistants a powerful tool for enhancing user experiences and providing personalised interactions.


How Can Businesses Start Using AI Assistants?


Thinking about adding an AI assistant to your toolkit? Make sure it aligns with what your customers are looking for and the obstacles your business is trying to overcome.

You can either craft an AI assistant that’s a perfect fit for your business or go for one that’s ready to go. Introducing an AI assistant can streamline your day-to-day, lift your customers’ experience, and help keep them on board.