Skincare Startups Revolutionising Self Care

Many individuals prioritise self care through investing in products and services such as hair care, beauty products and treatments and skincare.

The skin care industry is booming with the market projected to generate a revenue of £146.55bn worldwide in 2024. The market is also anticipated to experience an annual growth rate of 3.08%.

Evidently, there are many people who do not take their skin care regime lightly. In light of this, we take a look at flourishing skin care startups on the stage to revolutionise skincare.


Skincare Startups Revolutionising Self Care


Skincare is the basis of self care for many people. In fact, Drive Research reports that 74% of women who have a morning skincare routine use at least three products. These statistics indicate that skincare products play an important role for individuals who prioritise their skin health.

These startups are making waves in the skin care industry, leading at the forefront with innovative solutions that revolutionise the way we take care of our skin.






Proven, established in London, is a skin care startup that analyses your unique genetics to create custom products that target specific concerns.

Through DNA analysis, they can create a personalised serum solution that works with your skin rather than against it.


Y.O.U Beauty




Y.O.U Beauty is a skincare startup based in Shanghai that uses big data and AI to analyse skin characteristics and contributing environmental factors.

Catering to the growing Chinese market trend for customised beauty solutions and personal care, they also craft personalised serums in refillable pods, reducing waste with their eco-friendly packaging.






FaceGym is a London based startup that offers non invasive facial workouts that improve skin elasticity and texture whilst evening skin tone. Their facial workouts combine their signature muscle training, advanced tech tools and high end skincare that bring out the best of traditional facials.

FaceGym was founded on the philosophy that facial fitness bridges the gap between topical skincare and extreme procedures.


Hyper Skin




Hyper Skin is a US based startup that formulate skincare products for the specific needs of melanin-rich skin. Their range of products also targets hyperpigmentation and acne for a blemish free complexion.

Their range of dermatologist developed products are made to especially suit the needs of darker (BIPOC) skin tones: this includes black, brown and darker coloured skin.


The Ordinary


The Ordinary


The Ordinary is a Canadian startup that aims to decomplicate skincare. Their products are formulated with single ingredients that allows for customisation based on specific needs and skin concerns.

The Ordinary’s team specialises in material’s chemistry and biochemistry, and the company is committed to raising the integrity of pricing and communication in the skin care industry.






Clear is an app that makes use of advanced AI algorithms to analyse your skin and recommend customised skincare routines and suggest products.

Clear is user-friendly and analyses your skin with photos and also answers questions to any concerns you may have.

The app can be used for any skin type and has tracking capabilities so that users can measure their progress.