Startup Of The Week: Aithor

  • The best AI writing support and editing tool on the market, helping to jump-start the creative process and write better lengthy papers.
  • It’s writing on steroids – Aithor helps to find and suggest citations within the text proving the point of the author.
  • It helps people who struggle every time they need to write a paper, starting with the very first line in a tailored style and tone and developing the structure of the text further.





What is Aithor?

Aithor is a  passionate about making it easy to save time on mundane tasks and focus on what matters most instead.

They are helping students and scholars with AI in the time-consuming task of researching for academic papers, conceptualising, and restructuring them seamlessly. 


What Makes Aithor Unique?


Aithor focuses on helping to create ideas and concepts for educational content in minutes yet is capable of further tailoring the results to the user’s preferences.

It works on papers of any length – from a few to tens of pages. You can shorten, expand, or customise parts of your paper. The tone of voice can be customised to your preference or even sound like you are using your text. Academic writing is made easy by selecting citations in the required style and tone. Additionally, Aithor’s edits and suggestions are genuinely undetectable as AI – this is ensured by evaluating them with the two most popular tools (GPTZero and ZeroGPT).


Is There A Market For Companies Like Aithor?


The EdTech market was valued at $162.89 billion in 2023, and it’s projected to grow to $304.63 billion by 2027.

Aithor made its first $1 million in revenue and became profitable in under 10 months from its launch in May 2023. 

Aithor’s solution stands at the forefront of this innovation wave, offering a seamless AI helper for essays and research papers that have captivated users worldwide. Aithor combines high technical capability with ethical sensibilities. 

Aithor has rapidly crossed borders, with subscribers from 95 countries around the globe. This diverse user base not only attests to the universal challenge of managing academic workloads but also underscores the global appeal of Aithor as a writing tool. 

Aithor’s efficiency and ethical soundness are unparalleled. As the EdTech market evolves, integrating digital tools into education becomes increasingly crucial. Aithor addresses this need by filling a critical gap in the market, ensuring that users can maintain high academic standards without compromising integrity. Aithor firmly stands against contract cheating and only aims to inspire the creative writing process. 

In 2022, UNESCO reported 235 million students worldwide. As this number continues to grow, as well as the overall number of scholars and MBA students, the quality of education and student requirements also improve. Aithor’s mission is to help students worldwide with mundane tasks such as researching for and getting inspiration for their essays and papers, which is beneficial even for highly motivated students. The demand for such services is growing yearly, as is the number of modern technologies used in Aithor.



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What Sets Aithor Apart From Its Competitors?


Aithor is the only AI tool that helps to overcome writer’s block by offering seamless edits to papers.

Aithor’s team is actively developing the product based on customers’ needs. The co-pilot functionality and “auto AI disguise” option were recently added to the product. Previously, users had to click the disguise button after editing or revising their paper.

The product will soon implement a game-changer. Aithor will be able to suggest edits based on academic sources and automatically provide references to them. 


Where Can You Find Aithor?


You can find Aithor at their website Use the promo code Techround to get a 10% discount for Aithor’s monthly subscription.