Startup Of The Week: Aiuta

  • Aiuta is revolutionising personal styling with its AI-powered fashion assistant, making personalised fashion advice accessible to everyone.
  • The technology works by digitising users’ wardrobes, combining machine learning with fashion expertise, and offering style recommendations.
  • Aiuta’s shopping assistant ensures new purchases complement existing wardrobe pieces and also saves people time and money.




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What is Aiuta?


Aiuta is a fashion-tech startup that brings the power of AI to personal styling.

By digitising users’ wardrobes and using machine learning alongside expert fashion insights, Aiuta provides personalised style recommendations at the click of a button. It aims to empower fashion lovers to express their individuality, make better and more informed fashion choices, and reach their wardrobe’s full potential, all while saving time and money.


What makes Aiuta unique?


What sets Aiuta apart is its approach to personal styling, combining tech, fashion expertise, and AI.

This combination allows Aiuta to offer personalised fashion advice to every person, ensuring that every outfit recommendation not only matches their personal style but also complements their existing wardrobe.

Additionally, Aiuta’s technology is designed to make shopping more efficient and cost-effective. By acting as a personal stylist, shopping assistant, and wardrobe manager all in one, Aiuta is the perfect fashion tech tool.



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Is there a market for AI-powered fashion assistants?


The demand for AI-powered fashion assistants is growing, driven by consumers’ wanting personalised shopping experiences for a fraction of the cost.

The fashion industry, valued at over $1.5 trillion globally, is a sector that is ready to be innovated by companies that can offer personalised, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions. Research shows that shoppers tend to experience decision fatigue when choosing outfits, meaning many people are on the hunt for ways to optimise their wardrobe management.

Aiuta addresses these pain points by offering a service that not only recommends outfits based on personal preferences but also ensures that every purchase is a valuable addition to the user’s wardrobe. This not only caters to the individual’s style but also promotes sustainable fashion by encouraging more thoughtful consumption. As the fashion industry moves towards more sustainable and personalised models, AI-powered assistants like Aiuta are well-positioned to meet the needs of modern shoppers.


What sets Aiuta apart from its competitors?


Aiuta sets itself apart through its approach to personal styling, which combines a digitised wardrobe, AI-driven style expertise, and a user-friendly shopping assistant.

Unlike other fashion apps or services, Aiuta offers a more personalised service that takes into account the entirety of a user’s wardrobe, lifestyle, and preferences. This means that every piece of advice and recommendation is tailored to the individual, making fashion more accessible, enjoyable, and sustainable.


Where can you find Aiuta?


For those ready to transform their personal style with AI, visit Aiuta here:


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