Startup Of The Week: AIVF

  • AIVF is revolutionising IVF with its advanced AI solutions aimed at improving IVF outcomes.
  • The company focuses on removing financial, accessibility and uncertainty barriers in IVF through AI.
  • Key products include the EMA AI Platform for embryo evaluation and AIVF Genetics for non-invasive genetic screening.




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What is AIVF?


AIVF is a leader in the next generation of IVF technology, founded by clinical embryologist Daniella Gilboa and reproductive medicine expert Prof. Daniel Seidman.

Their mission is to enhance IVF care by using advanced AI solutions that can streamline and improve the IVF process, making parenthood more accessible for people struggling with infertility. With its CE Marked EMA software platform, AIVF uses innovative solutions to set new standards in the world of invitro fertility care.


What Makes AIVF Unique?


AIVF differentiates itself by combining AI with IVF to offer support in embryo evaluation and genetic screening.

Its EMA AI Platform helps improve collaboration among different medical teams, through automated AI-based embryo analysis, communication tools, and analytics. With a click, you can analyse fertilisation, blastulation and implantation rates – all within one platform.

Additionally, AIVF’s approach to non-invasive genetic analysis offers a new alternative for embryo selection, reducing the need for invasive procedures. This use of AI in improving both the technical and decision-making aspects of IVF positions AIVF uniquely in the fertility sector.



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Is there a market for IVF AI Solutions?


The market for IVF AI solutions is rapidly expanding, driven by increasing infertility rates globally.

AIVF’s position in this sector presents efficiency, accuracy, and improved success in IVF treatments. With infertility affecting approximately 10% of the global population, the potential impact of AI in this field is huge.

Not only can AI can significantly enhance embryo selection processes, it can also increase pregnancy success rates, and reduce the emotional and financial burden on people seeking fertility treatments. AIVF’s technology represents a big step forward in making IVF more accessible and successful, all using the power of AI.


What sets AIVF apart from its competitors?


AIVF’s edge lies in its use of AI, tailored specifically for IVF clinics. Unlike competitors, AIVF provides a platform that combines embryo evaluation with genetic screening and advanced analytics, all driven by tech.

This not only streamlines the IVF process but also enhances the accuracy and reliability of embryo selection, offering a smoother path to parenthood.


Where can you find AIVF?


Read more about AIVF through their website:


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