Startup Of The Week: Automated Architecture (AUAR)

  • Automated Architecture (AUAR) is a London-based construction tech startup, looking to innovate the sector.
  • The company is on a mission to build sustainable, affordable homes through robotic micro-factories.
  • AUAR has just announced a funding round of £2.6M to fuel their expansion to the US.





What is AUAR?


Automated Architecture (AUAR), based in London, is a construction tech startup focused on helping to build more sustainable, affordable homes.

Using robotic micro-factories and their in-house software platform, AUAR is looking to cut inefficiencies in the construction process, allowing them to reduce cost, maximise profit and ensure the entire process is as productive as possible.

The company is also able to more accurately predict project length and cost, reducing risk for investors. As of March this year, AUAR has announced a £2.6M funding round to help them expand to the US and increase their partner network.


What Makes AUAR Unique?


AUAR is unique in how it’s using robotics and AI to transform how homes are built. The company uses a network of micro-factories to increase efficiency and lower labour costs from the start.

Not only is this good financially, it also has sustainability benefits, as it reduces waste and encourages the use of more green materials. By using their software and AI, AUAR is able to give their clients more accurate and transparent costs and data. This not only helps with planning, but also allows them to mitigate the risk of overspending commonly seen in the world of construction.

AUAR’s is also hugely focused on timber housing, a material which has been shown to reduce emissions significantly. The company’s mission to partner with 40 companies and produce 75,000 energy-efficient homes every year by 2030 shows just how big the market demand is, and just how determined AUAR is to meet it.



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Is There A Market For Construction Tech?


The construction industry, valued at $10 trillion according to McKinsey, has a lot of challenges. According to a report by McKinsey, the low levels of productivity commonly seen in the sector costs companies a huge $1.6 trillion yearly.

As populations continue to grow, the need for more affordable and well built housing is growing. The problem that investors face is that the process can be slow and expensive, regularly incurring unforeseen costs. AUAR is helping address these issues with its micro-factories and AI, which make planning more accurate and less expensive.

The need for these services is so big that in Europe, 2023 saw construction tech startups generate a huge $759 million in funding – showcasing a huge need for them within the sector.


Where Can You Find AUAR?


Find out more about AUAR and their technology through their website at