Startup Of The Week: BLOCKHEAD

  • BLOCKHEAD is a functional chewing gum brand that includes products like Energy gum, Vitamin gum and Calm gum.
  • BLOCKHEAD combines functional ingredients with the latest chewing gum technology to deliver the boost you need, anytime time, anywhere – fast.

Keep calm and chew on: BLOCKHEAD launches new fast release CBD gum / The Digital Newsroom


BLOCKHEAD is a functional gum company, combining active ingredients with chewing gum to maximise absorption.
Through their range of products, BLOCKHEAD sell low calorie functional chewing gum that helps users achieve a specific aim, whether it’s an energy boost, increasing vitamin intake, feeling calmer or even whitening teeth!

“My passion for improving human performance started at university. An inspirational lecture helped me discover how active ingredients get absorbed quickly through the gums. So, I developed a chewing gum that could release a caffeine dose into the system in just five minutes to help athletes get ready with a fast performance boost. I realised I was on to something when Energy Gum became an instant hit on campus from aiding sports performance, helping with all-night studying and, unexpectedly, managing hangovers. Since then, the range has grown to include products that help deal with stress, enhance sleep, aid muscle recovery, and improve oral health. And there are many more exciting innovations in the pipeline.”

Danny Lowe, CEO & Founder


Is there a market for functional chewing gum?

It is widely accepted that active ingredients get absorbed quickly through gums. Athletes have long used this method to absorb energy-enhancing substances. One example of this is giving them mouthwash that is high in sugar and caffeine, however in order to maximise absorption, they’d need to swill for about 5 minutes (which is pretty hard and nasty).

For BLOCKHEAD’s founder Danny Lowe, after researching chewing gum as a delivery mechanism, he was blown away by how effective it could be at delivering ingredients. What struck him was how the current chewing gum market was just a series of different flavours and packaging sizes, when it could be so much more.

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What products does BLOCKHEAD have?


Energy Gum

  • BLOCKHEAD Energy Gum contains 50 mg of caffeine per piece that is delivered straight in to your system via your gums meaning it begins to work within 5 minutes.


Vitamin Gum

  • BLOCKHEAD Vitamin Gum contains 100% of your daily intake of Vitamins A, B6, C and D in two pieces.


Shine Gum

  • BLOCKHEAD Shine Gum contains activated charcoal and bicarbonate of soda to remove stains and clean your teeth.


Calm Gum

  • BLOCKHEAD Calm Gum is a plastic free and biodegradable gum that contains botanical extracts Hawthorn and Passion Flower.


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