Startup Of The Week: bloom

  • bloom brings together years of experience within product management and engineering to support early-stage startups, scaleups and leading global tech giants to build and nurture high-performing teams.
  • bloom’s unique approach to recruitment helps it to discover and nurture ambitious people and help grow their careers, matching them to incredible businesses and mentors.
  • Whether you want to kick-start your career or you’re just ready to make the next step, bloom aims to help you navigate the world of tech opportunities.






What is bloom?


Based in Manchester and operating in the UK, US and Europe, bloom was born out of the shared vision of friends Sam and Alex inspired by the notion of creating a unique platform dedicated to helping promising individuals and businesses literally ‘bloom’ to reach their full potential.

Recognising the inherent challenges of navigating career paths, especially in the fast-paced tech industry, the founders of bloom sought to provide a guiding light for individuals eager to delve into this dynamic and ever-evolving realm. Thus, they set out to create a platform aimed at helping others to achieve their professional aspirations.

Drawing upon their extensive backgrounds in product management and software engineering, the team at bloom is committed to supporting and empowering early-stage startups, scaleups, and renowned global tech enterprises alike. Through their expertise, they work to build and nurture high-performing teams capable of driving innovation and success.

Despite its inception in 2019, bloom has already made significant strides in the industry, having facilitated the formation of teams for some of the world’s most renowned brands, including Google, Bumble, Zoopla, Deliveroo, Monzo, and Depop.


What makes bloom unique?


bloom distinguishes itself by infusing a unique human touch into the realm of recruitment. Its mission extends beyond merely assisting individuals in shaping their careers; it also collaborates with teams to unearth exceptional talent.

For those navigating the intricacies of the tech industry, bloom offers a comprehensive approach, guiding users every step of the journey. Interestingly, bloom’s approach involves pairing individuals with mentors from renowned companies like Amazon, Google, eBay, and Spotify, giving individuals a kind of personalised aid that provides them with invaluable insights and support, transcending the conventional training and development sessions.

Furthermore, bloom doesn’t solely focus on individual aspirations; it also engages with businesses directly. The platform collaborates with a diverse range of businesses, meticulously examining their unique work cultures and challenges to gain a deep understanding of their client’s objectives and aspirations. 

Again, bloom goes the extra mile in this regard, providing comprehensive support throughout the hiring process, catering to needs ranging from mid to board-level positions.


Is there a market for bloom’s recruitment services?


The world of tech is ever-changing and evolving. While this industry is doubtless an exciting one to be part of, it may feel daunting to enter or move within such a sector.

Enter bloom – a unique, personalised, and invaluable solution poised to not only facilitate entry into the tech realm but also elevate the industry to new heights.

In short, businesses need top-tier talent to realise their objectives and disrupt their respective industries. Conversely, individuals may require guidance and support to unlock their full potential. With the right support and the personalised guidance bloom can provide, these individuals may well end up emerging as the new trailblazers, visionaries, and leaders within the tech landscape.

Ultimately, bloom invests time and resources to nurture both talent and businesses, fostering growth and innovation across the entire tech industry. Its contribution to the tech recruitment market is tangible, thus making it a notable asset to all involved.



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