Startup of the Week: Bond Touch


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, and many still separated from their loved ones due to the coronavirus pandemic, we thought we’d choose a startup helping to bring people closer together.

Our Startup of the Week for this week is Bond Touch – a pioneer of emotional wearable technology.

Bond Touch develop wearable technology to help users stay connected to their loved ones. Their bracelets can be bought in pairs, designed so that when one bracelet is touched, the other it is connected to vibrates.



Bond Touch was originally started as a project in 2013, wanting to develop small wearables that close big distance gaps, bringing people together through touch.

After collaborating with a team of top designers, engineers and developers, the startup’s product started to take form. However, with resources draining quickly, Bond Touch launched a crowdfunding campaign, the money to be used for prototyping and developing the bracelet.

Unfortunately, the funds raised throughout the crowdfunding campaign were not enough to keep the Bond Touch project alive, so the startup put development of their technology on hold.

Towards the end of 2015, Bond Touch then received an influx of interest, making it to the main page of 9GAG, with hundreds of people getting in touch about where they could get the bracelet from. After several months, Bond Touch still had significant interest, the startup, “surprised to realize how many people needed it – to connect with those they loved.”

So in 2017, creators decided to launch a new Bond Touch – the bracelet and app concept offered by the startup today.

Bond Touch’s bracelets aren’t just for those in a relationship, they can also work perfectly with a best friend or a family member separated by distance.

Right now the bracelets can only connect in pairs, however Bond Touch are “contemplating a family solution for the future”. There are also a range of different bands and colours to choose from, and the bracelets can be set up when wearers are apart, so long as they are set up correctly with the app.

With current lockdown restrictions, travel bans and social distancing measures, Bond Touch’s technology offers a great way to feel closer to those who are far away.