Startup of the Week: CityMaaS

  • CityMaaS helps disabled people to find the best, most accessible travel routes around their area.
  • CityMaaS was founded by Andrew and Rene Perkins.
  • The startup has so far undergone 1 round of pre-seed funding, and has 3 investors.


Our Startup of the Week for this week is…CityMaaS! Helping those with disabilities improve the way they find accessible travel options. CityMaaS makes it easier than ever before for disabled people to effectively plan out their travel routes, taking into account any important requirements and necessary accommodations.

Even in the modern-day world, travel options for the disabled are still frustratingly limited. For example, many buses still haven’t been fitted with equipment to enable those in wheelchairs to get on them, meaning they have to wait until a more accessible vehicle comes along, or failing that, fork out for a much pricier option – e.g. a taxi – and even then, some taxis aren’t accessible for certain disabled peoples’ needs.

That’s where CityMaaS comes in. This London-based startup, founded in 2018, offers an app designed for those with disabilities to find more accessible ways to travel around their area.

Through their app CityMaaS Assist, the startup uses a combination of AI and customer feedback to help develop and improve its services. Alongside this, CityMaaS’s Assist app also uses the data it collects to provide local governments details upon which they can improve their facilities and services, helping to make areas more accessible.

Users of CityMaaS Assist simply have to fill in their details regarding certain accessibility requirements, then the app will figure out the best routes to take based of these requirements within your area.



Whilst headquartered in London, UK, the CityMaaS team are global, and have staff in Europe, Asia and America. CityMaaS claim:

“We live in a personalised economy. CityMaaS’ vision is to personalise the way the disabled community consume accessibility data and service. Businesses benefit from improved engagement through increased revenues and decreased customer services costs.”

“We provide a digitally inclusive data and mobility platform to help that vision. Our cutting edge technology is backed by the UK Department for Transport and funding … we thrive to solve the most pressing problems in society through innovation and dedication.”