Startup Of The Week: Dogtooth Technologies

  • Dogtooth Technologies specialises in robotic fruit-picking solutions, established in 2015.
  • Dogtooth Technologies aims to address labour shortages in agriculture with robotic alternatives for fruit picking.
  • Key Products include intelligent fruit-picking robots capable of autonomous navigation, ripe fruit identification, grading, and packaging.




Dogtooth Technologies


What is Dogtooth Technologies ?


Dogtooth Technologies, founded in 2015, has emerged as an innovative player in the agricultural sector. Based in Cambridgeshire, they specialise in developing intelligent fruit-picking robots. These robots are designed to address the growing issue of labour shortages in agriculture by automating the fruit-picking process.

Dogtooth’s technology focuses on precision and efficiency, offering a scalable solution to farms worldwide.



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What Makes Dogtooth Technologies Unique?


Dogtooth stands out due to its cutting-edge technology that combines autonomous navigation, advanced machine learning, and precise fruit inspection systems.

Their robots are equipped with 360-degree imaging to assess fruit quality, ensuring high standards are met. Furthermore, Dogtooth’s web portal provides real-time control and insights into crop conditions, enabling better yield and management for farmers. Their commitment to innovation is evident in their robust pipeline, which includes developments in crop monitoring, forecasting, and expansion into raspberry and apple picking.


Is There a Market for Agricultural Robotics?

The agricultural sector is increasingly turning to technological solutions due to challenges like labour shortages and the need for precision farming.

Dogtooth Technologies is at the forefront of this trend, offering robotic solutions that address these issues. Their robots have the capacity to navigate along crop rows by themselves, pick ripe fruits, and perform quality control, all while collecting valuable data for crop management. The market demand is evidenced by Dogtooth’s ability to deploy over 70 robots, covering 5 hectares in 2022.

Additionally, they have secured £7m in Series A funding, reflecting investor confidence. This technology is not just a response to labour shortages; it offers consistent performance and night-time picking for longer shelf life, enhancing overall farm productivity. With the agricultural sector facing disruptions from factors like Brexit and the pandemic, automated solutions like Dogtooth’s are becoming increasingly vital.


What Sets Dogtooth Technologies Apart from Its Competitors?

Dogtooth Technologies differentiates itself through its focus on practical, scalable solutions rather than one-off prototypes.

Their robots are designed for mass production, offering a cost-effective solution for growers. The company’s innovation extends beyond just picking; they provide valuable data insights for yield and quality management, making their offering more comprehensive.


Where Can You Find Dogtooth Technologies?

For those interested in exploring the future of agricultural technology, visit to find out more.


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