Startup of the Week: Dragonfly AI

  • Dragonfly AI was founded by David Mitchell and Mark Bainbridge.
  • The startup uses a combination of artificial intelligence and cutting-edge neuroscience to analyse the effectiveness of visual online content.
  • So far, Dragonfly AI have raised a total £875k in funding over 2 funding rounds.


Helping to determine the effect designs have on their audiences, our Startup of the Week for this week is Dragonfly AI.

The startup helps to optimise how effective visual content is with AI-powered insight – very handy for creative teams and brands wanting to up their content across any channel.

Dragonfly AI was founded in 2018 by David Mitchell and Mark Bainbridge. Both David and Mark were inspired to create a way for businesses to be seen amidst the saturated, competitive online content market we see today.

Using cutting-edge neuroscience, the startup can accurately analyse content to see what first grabs an audience’s attention. With this, businesses can gain a deeper, more accurate understanding of how the design of their content impacts the attention of their audiences, eliminating guesswork and enabling them to make appropriate, effective improvements.



Through Dragonfly AI, organisations can measure the effectiveness of their content via all of their online channels before marketing campaigns go live, helping to ensure their message is properly seen by the right people. Businesses can use Dragonfly AI for video content, apps, online customer journeys and other main forms of online content on key platforms.

So far, the startup have raised a total £875k in funding over the course of 2 funding rounds, their November 2020 Seed Round raising 625k, while also securing a £250k loan in July 2021 – co-founder Mark Bainbridge commenting the following on the loan:

“Turning a decade’s worth of scientific research into reality has been incredibly rewarding.”

“Our customer base is growing fast and we are working with a lot of well-known brands. The GLIF funding will allow us to execute our expansion plans, creating new employment opportunities in the UK whilst looking at further growing the Dragonfly AI brand overseas.”