Startup Of The Week: Farewill

  • Farewill is a London-based startup founded in 2015 by Dan Garrett and Tom Rogers, aiming to simplify the process of dealing with death.
  • The company offers a range of services including legally binding online will writing, fixed-fee probate, and direct cremation, aiming to make end-of-life planning more easy and affordable.
  • Recognised as the UK’s best-rated death specialists, Farewill has won several awards and has been highly rated by customers on TrustPilot.




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What is Farewill?


Farewill is changing the way we approach death by making the process easy and efficient for grieving family members.

With the large amount of paperwork and admin involved in death for grieving family members, Farewill is on a mission to make the process as pain free as possible.

By offering online will writing, probate services, and direct cremations, Farewill makes these services more accessible and affordable. Founded with the mission to make dealing with death fairer, simpler, and cheaper, Farewill has quickly grown to become the UK’s largest will writer. Their approach includes partnerships across the UK to offer will-writing as an employee benefit, showing their mission to modernise a traditionally complex process.


What Makes Farewill Unique?


What sets Farewill apart is its commitment to simplifying the traditionally complex process of preparing for death. Farewill’s online platform demystifies the will-writing and probate process with straightforward, user-friendly processes. Their services are not only cost-effective but also time-efficient, allowing wills to be written in just 15 minutes.

Additionally, Farewill’s offering of direct cremation offers an affordable alternative to traditional funeral services. Their dedication to customer service has also been high praised on TrustPilot, giving people piece of mind at a difficult time.



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Is there a market for end-of-life planning services?

The demand for end-of-life planning services is growing, driven by an aging population and rising costs around funeral arrangements.

In the UK, the average funeral cost is around £4,800, a figure that Farewill aims to beat with its direct cremation service starting at £980. This not only offers a more affordable option, but also aligns with a shift towards more personalised and less traditional memorials.

Farewill’s success in raising £8 million in funding and its recognition as the UK’s best-rated death specialists shows how ready the UK was for innovative, user-friendly services in this sector.

Their mission to change the way the world deals with death reflects a trend towards transparency, affordability, and ease of access in all aspects of life, including its end.


What sets Farewill apart from its competitors?


Farewill distinguishes itself through its 360, user-centric approach to end-of-life planning. Unlike traditional services that often involve complex, time-consuming, and expensive processes, Farewill offers simplicity, transparency, and affordability.

Their unique online platform, highly-praised customer support, and innovative distribution methods, such as offering will-writing as an employee perk, have all contributed to them being praised as industry leaders. Furthermore, their commitment to social causes, through enabling customers to leave legacies to charities, adds a layer of societal impact that resonates with many users.


Where can you find Farewill?


Find them at their website:


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