Startup of the Week: Farillio


Running a small business can be tricky, and unless you’re already a trained lawyer, navigating the legalities that surround your operations can be tough. That’s where Farillio comes in, founded in 2017 by lawyer and entrepreneur Merlie Calvert. Through its platform, Farillio provides entrepreneurs with a library of everything they need to know surrounding business law, without the complex jargon. The startup claim:

“We know first-hand how tough it can be to start out in business – and that keeping your business going strong doesn’t get easier. We understand how not knowing or having access to what you want, gets in your way. We understand how that wastes your time, makes you unnecessarily anxious and costs you way too much money.”

“Our experience tells us there’s a better way to do business, and we knew the very best people to build our solution. So, we’ve joined together with a brilliant community of legal and business experts, each committed to making sure that you can run your business on your terms and in the Farillo way – simply, quickly, confidently and affordably.”



Farillio’s library offers a range of articles and videos, helping to guide users through the legal side of their business, and the regulations they have to comply with, all explained through easy and understandable terms. Not only this, the platform also offers templates and other handy resources to help businesses create the documents they need.

Now, Farillio holds award-wining team members in both the legal and the tech sector. Since launching, the startup raised £650,000 through an Angel round in 2018, which was directed towards expanding their London-based team.

Farillio is available through a monthly subscription fee, in which is offered their in-depth online resources library, holding everything business owners would need to know about business law, alongside some more general advice on how to successfully run their company.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and its impact on businesses throughout both the UK and the world, Farillio has created a campaign Leave No SME Behind / 3Hr Pledge, calling for businesses to donate their time and skills in an effort to help SMEs affected during these difficult times. In exchange for donating these 3 hours, businesses can gain access to the Farillio platform completely free for three months.