Startup of the Week: Genvalues

  • Genvalues was founded in 2020 by Carwan Rasoal.
  • The startup helps connect Millennial and GenZ engineering talent with teams that share their values.
  • Genvalues recently partnered with Norrsken House, Europe’s largest impact hub.





Helping the next generation find meaningful work, our Startup of the Week for this week is Genvalues!

Founded in 2019, Genvalues is on a mission to help Millennial and GenZ engineering talent connect with teams that share the same values. The new generation dominates the world and has a wider lens about what a job is and a company’s responsibility. 80% consider company sustainability and workplace values of utmost importance when choosing where to work.

Through the Genvalues platform, engineers can select values that matter most to them. These values can include any number of things; from wanting to join a team that fosters psychological safety where a speak-up culture is practiced to one that promotes a growth mindset or perhaps contributes to an SDG. After selecting, users are matched to engineering teams with the same values and are currently hiring.




Genvalues have designed unique tools and over 400 highly valuable questionaries developed by organizational psychologists. On the platform, tech and impact companies get support to publish powerful, authentic content and job opportunities. It’s designed to attract those who work for money but perform their best for values and purpose.

Genvalues is based in Stockholm, also known as the capital of impact, and was founded by Carwan Rasoal. He was deeply frustrated by the current platforms that lacked the most crucial information Millennial and GenZ job seekers use – failing to include anything about the company’s true impact or the team’s values. Seeing that these essential qualities were missing from such platforms, Carwan created Genvalues, the values-first team and job-searching platform for engineers.



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During the COVID-19 pandemic, Genvalues were faced with the challenge of not being able to be to connect in real life with their early adapters, and tell them how Genvalues could contribute to a meaningful career path. However, with restrictions now changing, the startup’s team can now connect in person.

Investment into Nordic impact startups grew significantly over the last decade, skyrocketing from €65M in 2010 to €1.6B in 2020, and continues to grow. Genvalues recently partnered with Europe’s largest impact hub Norrsken House. It’s home to over 150 impact companies using cutting-edge technologies to solve significant problems, aligned with Genvalues vision, and helping the companies leverage its unique tools.

In the coming 5 years, Genvalues want to help one million engineering talents connect with value-driven companies that play a meaningful role in shaping the future. For this year, the startup plan to continue supporting impact tech companies to hack their engineering values and bring them closer to the talents they need to grow effectively.