Startup of the Week: Grocemania

  • Grocemania was founded by Askar Bulegenov and Alexander Zhexembayev in 2017.
  • The startup are a delivery service, connecting local convenience stores to customers.
  • So far, Grocemania have raised a total £168.3k in funding over 3 funding rounds. 

Providing affordable grocery delivery services straight to people’s doors, our Startup of the Week Grocemania seems to be a service well and truly pandemic proof.

Founded in 2017, the UK-based startup was originally designed to help put the convenience into convenience stores, providing an affordable delivery service for groceries and household items from local shops.

To date, the company have raised a total funding amount of £168.3k over the course of 3 funding rounds.

While this service is in itself convenient for most, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, it also helps those who struggle to leave the house due to disabilities, for those with childcare responsibilities and more.

Grocemania was founded by Askar Bulegenov and Alexander Zhexembayev, wanting to bring customer service to a “completely new level”, all with no difference in cost.

The company state “We are working on becoming the fastest and most cost effective on-demand grocery delivery service in the UK. Our mission is to enable people to order and receive their favourite groceries whenever and wherever they need it!”



Grocemania has teamed up with a range of different local convenience stores, delivering from the likes of Nisa, Londis, Budgens and Costcutter. Customers are charged as little as £2.50 for a delivery, with orders over £30 delivered for free. There is no minimum order value, meaning customers can order as little, or as much, as they want from local stores around their area.

Grocemania gives customers access to all of the stores it delivers from within the area via an easy to use app, and orders can be cancelled/corrected within 5 minutes of being sent. Customers can also order over the phone, and are not charged for the bags they use – these also being 100% organic and recycling craft bags.

The startup don’t charge the local stores anything for their services, enabling them to compete with the bigger online retailers and increase their sales. In this, Grocemania offer an incredibly beneficial service to both customers and local convenience stores, especially during a time where people are urged to remain at home where possible, and deliveries have become a must for many.