Startup Of The Week: Harvest London

  • Harvest London is a vertical farming startup focused on sustainable, locally-grown produce using modern agriculture techniques.
  • The company makes farming more successful by reducing water usage by 95%, eliminating pesticides, and providing fresh ingredients all year round.
  • Harvest London grows variety of herbs like Italian Basil, Thai basil and Peruvian black mint, as well as bespoke salad mixes.




Harvest London


What is Harvest London?


Harvest London is a  vertical farming company established in 2017 by entrepreneurs Chris Davies and Matt Chlebek.

Their mission is to transform how farmers grow food, by using more sustainable and modern farming techniques.

Operating mainly in London, they grow over 100 types of edible plants in hydroponic vertical farms, serving local London chefs and businesses with fresh, sustainably grown, ingredients.

Their approach means that the plants they produce are not only tasty, but good for the planet and the people eating them.

The company has been so successful that in 2020 it announced the opening of its second farm in Leyton, East London.


What makes Harvest London unique?


Harvest London sets itself apart through its commitment to sustainability and innovation when it comes to growing crops.

Their farms proudly use 95% less water than traditional farms and provide crops that are grown without the use of pesticides.

This not only helps in conserving natural resources like water, but also means that their produce is safe and healthy – without compromising on taste. Additionally, their technique means they can grow plants year-round without being affected by the climate, meaning they can produce consistently for their customers.

And speaking of customers, the business has already seen success with major house-hold names such as Pizza Pilgrims – who use their herbs to garnish their pizzas.



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Is there a market for Vertical Farming?


There’s a big market for vertical farming, driven mainly by the growing need for sustainable food production that remains unaffected by climate.

In fact, The Global Vertical Farming Market was valued at USD 5.5 Billion in 2022 and is projected to reach USD 18.8 Billion by 2030.

Vertical farming offers solutions to a number of issues: it reduces water use by a huge amount, does not use pesticides, and maximises space – no longer needing hundreds of acres to grow crops. Not only that, but being able to grow in urban areas as well as rural ones means cutting down on transport costs and emissions.

For businesses looking to work with suppliers that help them reduce their carbon footprint, it’s a no brainer. And when it also produces chemical free, tasty produce year-round, there’s no denying its benefits.


Where can you find Harvest London?


Find Harvest London at their website: