Startup of the Week: InkPact


Our Startup of the Week is Inkpact – fostering personal, stand-out business-customer connections through personalised, handwritten letters and branded stationary. The startup was founded in 2015, out of the realisation that business-customer interactions needed a shake-up. Inkpact claim that:

“In our digital world we’re constantly bombarded with emails, many of which go unopened. Inkpact was created in 2015 to bring thoughtful human interaction into communications.”

Co-founder and CEO of Inkpact Charlotte Pearce believed that businesses could grow by enhancing their interactions with customers, and making them more unique – specifically by sending beautiful, handwritten notes.

To test her theory, Charlotte handwrote to potential clients, describing what Inkpact was and how it could help businesses to stand out. The responses Charlotte got from her letters to businesses was proof of just how powerful handwritten notes could be.



To accelerate her Inkpact plans, Charlotte then teamed up Andrew Martin – now co-founder and CTO. With Andrew’s background in tech the startup began to develop automated, strategic campaigns, and has now helped top UK brands to connect with their customers in a unique, more personal way.

Inkpact has now sent near to 500,000 notes, which saw a subscription company increase their retention by 50%, a fashion retailer increase response rates by 230% and an e-commerce brand increase sales by 33%. Behind Inkpact is a team of writers (known as the “Scribe Tribe”), all blessed with beautiful handwriting to help clients send out their stunning, unique notes.


Inkpact and COVID-19 – #CoLoveLetters

Amidst COVID-19, Inkpact has pledged to send handwritten letters to those in isolation. As part of this campaign (#CoLoveLetters), the startup has donated 2,000 notes of kindness and love to such isolated individuals, as well as all profits from this year’s March and April sales to the Trussel Trust, Covid Mutual Aid, and Age UK. CEO and co-founder Charlotte stating:

“For years handwritten letters have been connecting people through war, illness and across oceans.”

“The world needs now more than ever that moment of delight opening the envelope you weren’t expecting and reading the carefully inked words of love from a stranger, a stranger that cares…So rather than just spreading doubt and uncertainty, let’s connect through words and spread love the old-fashioned way – through #CoLoveLetters.”