Startup Of The Week: Juno

  • Juno is personalising employee benefits by letting staff pick their own.
  • There are over 10,000 options to choose from via Juno’s marketplace, ranging from financial advice and food box deliveries, to mental health support and childcare services.
  • This means that, since no two employees’ needs are the same, individuals can choose exactly the right support for them.



What is Juno?

Juno’s global platform gives all your employees flexible access to meaningful benefits in one place. Companies can set a monthly Juno allowance per employee, giving their team the freedom to choose how they spend it resulting in a happier workforce. Plus, no more wasted benefits.

Employers can’t presume to know what’s best for individual staff members – particularly as the priorities of hybrid teams become increasingly disparate.

For employers, Juno offers reassurance that they’re providing their staff with the best support possible. And since employee wellbeing is at the heart of the talent war, Juno is also a means of attracting, engaging and retaining staff.

Is there a market for bespoke benefits?

Juno not only allows employees to choose their own benefits, it allows employers to know that the benefits they’re offering will be well received.

This reduces financial waste for companies and helps employees feel like they’re getting benefits that suit them.
“Juno was inspired by my own experience of ineffectual support in the workplace. I started out in my career working in the dynamic world of tech startups – it was exciting and I relished the challenges that came with it. But it was also a demanding environment to work in, both professionally and personally.

“It wasn’t long before I started to see the impact that the gruelling hours and pace was having on my colleagues. And, almost without realising, it started to grind me down too. The companies I worked for all had good intentions. But cultural issues and broken systems – where ‘wishy washy’ workplace wellness masqueraded as genuine employee support – were bigger than them. Staff needed to be given a say in the support on offer to them.” – Ally Fekaiki, CEO and Founder at Juno

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What features does Juno have?


Global marketplace.


Over 10,000 things like therapy sessions, meditation apps, recipe kits, spa treatments and so much more.

Use a card to spend online.


Juno Card ® and Juno Flex Card ® let employees spend Juno Points ® with approved online retailers.

Expenses without hassle.


Your team can submit travel, childcare, equipment and courses receipts. Once approved, they’ll receive the cash.


All-in-one core benefits.


Already offer healthcare, dental insurance or pensions? Bring them over to Juno in just a few clicks.


Rewards and recognition.


Show your team how much you appreciate them. Send them Juno Points ® or let us find a bespoke gift.


Budgets and allowances.


Give employees specific allowances for things like learning and development, working from home, travel etc.


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