Startup of the Week: LettUs Grow

  • LettUs Grow is a farming technology company helping to grow plants more sustainably.
  • The startup was founded in 2015 by Charlie Guy, Ben Crowther and Jack Farmer.
  • So far, LettUs Grow have raised a total £3.4 million in funding. 

Helping to make farming more sustainable for business and the environment, our Startup of the Week for this week is LettUs Grow!

Founded in 2015, Bristol-based LettUs Grow have created aeroponic technology to grow plants in a more sustainable way. This technology is placed in small shipping-like containers, which grows rows upon rows of leafy greens, herbs and salads.

Instead of using soil, as is the case with traditional farming methods, the roots of these plants are instead exposed to a nutrient-dense mist. This mist provides the optimal conditions for the plants to thrive in.

The startup was founded by University of Bristol alumni – Charlie Guy, Ben Crowther and Jack Farmer – wanting to invent new ways to grow fresh products and subsequently feed future generations in more sustainable ways.

Through their technology, LettUs Grow work towards reducing both the waste and carbon footprint that the more traditional methods of farming produce. LettUs Grow uses 95% less water than these more traditional farming methods, with no risk of fertiliser runoff into waterways.



As the plants are grown in a completely controlled environment, this also means no pesticides or herbicides are used. Due to this completely controlled environment – the farming containers even having their own specialist grow lights to use instead of sun – LettUs Grow’s technology can also grow plants anywhere, regardless of the area’s natural climactic or environmental conditions.

Alongside these sustainable farming containers, the founders have also developed a farm management software called Ostara. Through Ostara, farmers can help ensure their job is done more efficiently and more easily, automatically managing data collection whilst automating multiple other processes.

So far, LettUs Grow have raised a total £3.4 million over the course of 5 funding rounds, their latest being in January 2020, where they raised £2.4 million.