Startup of the Week: Live Better With

  • Live Better With offers a range of services to help improve the lives of those with long term health conditions.
  • It was founded by Tamara Rajah in 2015.
  • The startup has so far undergone 4 funding rounds, raising a total of $9.5 million.

Through her startup, Tamara Rajah is helping those suffering with long term health conditions, offering a whole host of different services to, as the startup’s name suggests, make their everyday living a little better.

To help them in achieving this goal, Live Better With offers information, products and a supportive community for its customers to use. So far, over 200,000 people have shared their experiences with long term health conditions via the startup’s supportive online community.

Live Better With is helping to improve the daily lives of those with dementia, cancer, and people going through menopause, offering a range of different services to help them through such conditions.

When browsing through the offerings for those with dementia, for example, Live Better With offers a whole host of different products and services to aid sufferers through a number of different specified issues they’re having:



The startup state: “We aim to make life with a long-term health condition a little easier – with helpful products, information, and a place to find your community.”

“There’s a lot out there that says it will help with your symptoms and side effects. Every product or service we select for our platform has been recommended by one of our community then personally vetted by a Live Better With Reviewer and a healthcare professional. Fewer than 1 in 5 recommendations make it through our filters. So you can discover what might help you, with total peace of mind.”

Live Better With has received a fantastic response from its customers, with 88% having claimed the platform has taught them something new, and furthermore useful, about the condition they are suffering with, whilst 90% say that would recommend the startup as a means of support.

Whilst results for their products and services can vary between suffers, the startup seems to be very well received by many of its users, truly helping them to “live better” through a variety of different supports.