Startup Of The Week: Manna

  • Manna is a drone delivery service company, helping businesses make faster, safer and more sustainable deliveries using drone technology.
  • By taking deliveries away from the roads, Manna helps provide timely deliveries that are more environmentally friendly than alternative options.
  • Manna can be downloaded on iOS and Android and has recently launched in Ireland after a successful launch in the US.




Manna Drone Delivery - Apps on Google Play


What is Manna?


Manna is a drone delivery company that provides a faster, safer, more affordable and environmentally friendly delivery service.

The company is on a mission to make suburban deliveries easier by removing road traffic caused by shipment companies and providing an all-electric, zero-emission drone as an alternative.

To use the service, users simply need to download the app and select the item. Once ready, the drone will pick up the order from the store and fly to the delivery address. The drones are capable of flying at a height of 50-65 meters (165-215 feet), traveling at speeds up to 60 km/h.

Once the drone arrives at the address, the package is lowered using a biodegradable thread, ensuring a safe drop off. Throughout the entire process, users are able to track the delivery until the moment it reaches their doorstep.

Manna currently operates in Blanchardstown, Dublin, Ireland as well as Pecan Square Texas with plans to expand globally. The company has already showcased its ability to ship large items, with over 150,000 successful delivery flights now completed.



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What Makes Manna Unique?


Manna is committed to using drones to deliver goods, reducing the amount of time, congestion and emissions that are typically associated with home deliverables.

Not only is this good for the planet, it also helps clear the roads.

But Manna’s drones are also well designed, they are all-electric ensuring they run entirely on renewable energy. Not only that, they are also quiet, ensuring no noise pollution.

Given people may want to be discreet about their deliveries, Manna also promises privacy. There is no video recording option, and packaging is always discreet. To top it all off, the company used a biodegradable thread to lower the goods, showing their total commitment to eco-friendly materials.


Is There a Market For Drone Delivery?


Yes, there is a big market for drone delivery services, especially as cities become more populated and people purchase more online. In fact, the Worldwide Drone Delivery Industry is set to reach $39 Billion by 2030.

Manna meets this demand by offering a service that is convenient, quiet, eco-friendly and efficient. Not only does this help combat the inefficiencies of typical delivery companies, it also helps consumers and businesses reduce their carbon footprint.


Where Can You Find Manna?


Find Manna at their website: