Startup Of The Week: Orgaimi

  • Orgaimi is the world’s most powerful client intelligence platform for professional services firms, described as “Moneyball” for the businesses of law, accounting, and consulting.
  • By applying AI to firm datasets such as Finance, HR, Marketing, and Communications, the platform predictively anticipates client needs and relationship risks, helping firms improve client satisfaction and accelerate revenue performance.
  • Orgaimi empowers partners, BD professionals, and firm leaders to better identify client growth opportunities, prevent client churn, and improve cross-selling, boosting growth by tens of millions of dollars annually per firm.





What is Orgaimi?


Orgaimi uses AI applied to datasets that professional services firms already have – about their clients, services, and people – to help them improve client satisfaction and boost revenue performance.

By analysing millions of data points across each firm’s existing systems, Orgaimi identifies patterns that reveal actionable insights about their clients. The platform highlights which clients have growth potential (and how much), what services clients are likely to need next, who are the best individuals to introduce into client relationships for cross-selling, and how to reduce risk of client churn to prevent revenue loss.

This helps partners, BD professionals, and firm leaders better anticipate client needs, improve client satisfaction, and accelerate firm growth, generating tens of millions of dollars of revenue annually.


Is There A Market For Client Intelligence In Professional Services?


Law, accounting, and consulting firms lose 10-30% of client business annually, the equivalent of tens of millions of dollars each year per firm due to client churn and missed growth opportunities. This adds up to tens of billions of dollars in lost revenue across these industries.


“Orgaimi was born out of management consulting projects serving some of the largest professional services organisations in the world. Our team was the first in the industry to use AI to successfully predict client outcomes.

In our early projects, we demonstrated we could predict future client churn with nearly 90% accuracy using firm data, helping a billion-dollar firm generate $40 million in revenue impact. This convinced us there was incredible potential to launch a product with this capability. In the past couple of years, we’ve seen an explosion in AI technology as well as rising demand for data-driven insights that can give firms a competitive advantage.

Orgaimi empowers busy professionals with tools and insights to make rapid improvements with how they serve their clients. We are just getting started and are now seeing huge interest in Orgaimi, particularly in the legal industry. We recently announced an exciting partnership with Faegre Drinker, an incredibly innovative law firm based in the Midwest. Our goals are to help them accelerate collaboration across practice areas, reduce potential client churn, and strengthen the client experience firm wide.”

– Paul Giedraitis, CEO and Founder at Orgaimi



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What Features Does Orgaimi Have?


Powered by AI.

Orgaimi leverages sophisticated machine learning technology to analyse millions of data points across multiple firm systems, including Finance, HR, CRM, Electronic Communications, and external sources.


Personalised growth predictions.

What Orgaimi does that other tools can’t (financial reporting, BI dashboards, manual spreadsheet analysis) is identify targeted, actionable revenue opportunities for each professional across a firm’s entire client portfolio. We immediately surface cross-selling opportunities and identify the best colleagues to engage in collaboration for growing existing client business.


Prevent revenue loss.

Orgaimi predicts client churn with nearly 90% accuracy based on drivers such as delivery process, cross-collaboration, team composition, client demographics, business administration, and external market factors. This helps partners and relationship managers proactively identify risks and take action to strengthen relationships, improve retention, and increase client satisfaction.


Outstanding user experience.

The Orgaimi platform employs a sleek and intuitive interface that makes it easy to share actionable insights instantly. Our philosophy is not to overwhelm with data, but to highlight the right information for the right people at the right time, creating collaborative conversations that empower action.


Ready for ROI.

Orgaimi tracks all recommended actions taken and opportunities captured across firm data systems, quantifying behavioral change and financial impact to the firm over time. Any implementation will rigorously demonstrate the tangible value created for each firm, establishing clear economic benefits and ROI.


All within your walls.

Orgaimi keeps data fully secure by deploying within a private cloud or within customer infrastructure directly. All AI models are trained on each firm’s data alone so there are no concerns about data sharing between firms. We never need to see confidential client information and never need to take data out of a customer’s network.


Where To Find Orgaimi?


Find Orgaimi at their website: