Startup Of The Week: Oneka

  • Oneka Technologies is a water desalination company that turns seawater into fresh water using energy harnessed from waves.
  • The company is helping provide wider access to clean drinking water by providing a sustainable, renewable energy-powered way to desalinate seawater
  • Oneka’s desalination buoys can be used to provide fresh drinking water to coastal cities, hotels, private islands, areas with poor irrigation and countries affected by natural disasters.




Oneka Technologies | Tethys Engineering


What is Oneka?


Oneka Technologies creates buoys that use the ocean’s natural wave energy to desalinate seawater.

This process not only allows Oneka to supply fresh water to coastal populations, but it does so using 100% sustainable energy. Desalination can theoretically supply an endless supply of fresh water, but has typically been criticised for its high energy requirement.

Aside from providing a sustainable way to produce more drinking water, Oneka is a great option for countries that need emergency relief, but whose water supply has been polluted by natural disasters.

By providing an option that saves 1 tonne of CO2e per year for every m3 of water, alongside its portable buoy which does not take up land space, Oneka is revolutionising water accessibility worldwide.


What Makes Oneka Unique?


There are a number of things that make Oneka unique. The first is its zero-emission, electricity-free, and land-space-conserving approach to desalination.

Using wave energy, it provides a greener solution to water scarcity that does not emit any greenhouse gases.

Oneka’s products, including the Iceberg, P-class, and IceCube units, are also designed to adapt to a number of water environments – including very cold temperatures.

The eco-friendly approach at the heart of the company is also evident in its brine disposal and sea life protection, showing Oneka’s commitment to environmental protection.


Is There A Market For Sustainable Desalination?


The demand for sustainable desalination solutions is rising quickly due to increasing global water shortages, made worse by more regular natural disasters and sharp population growth.

Over 2 billion people currently live in countries experiencing some form of water stress, and desalination is a solution that can continue to provide fresh water to many communities worldwide.

Additionally, as the world continues to move towards more sustainable approaches like Oneka’s, which offer zero greenhouse gas emissions and zero electricity usage, more people are able to access eco-friendly and affordable solutions to the water crisis.

As a resource needed and used by every person across the globe, the fresh water sector’s potential is huge.

Oneka’s wave-powered, scalable technology places it strongly within this growing market, helping more people access clean water, wherever they are.



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What Sets Oneka Apart From Its Competitors?


Oneka sets itself apart through a combination of sustainability, innovation, and scalability.

Its technology uses wave energy, a resource that costs nothing and will never run out, for a process that typically requires vast amounts of energy and space.

Its ability to sit on the water also reduces its need for land space, allowing it to be transported quickly when needed.

Additionally, the company’s commitment to protecting marine life through responsible brine removal means it’s a sustainable solution from start to finish.


Where can you find Oneka?


Find Oneka at their website: