Startup of the Week: Open Cosmos

  • Open Cosmos was founded in 2015 by Rafael Jordà Siquier.
  • The startup is making satellite missions more accessible to smaller businesses.
  • So far, the startup raised $7 million from a Series A in April 2018.


Helping to make satellites more accessible for smaller companies, our Startup of the Week for this week is Oxfordshire-based Open Cosmos!

Founded in 2015, Open Cosmos offers affordable satellite missions, providing customers with everything they need to collect actionable information from space. Through its offering, the startup is pushing to make satellites more accessible for all industries, opening up space and the opportunities it brings to Open Cosmos customers.



Some of the services offered by the startup include:

  • Monitoring of land
  • Urban mapping
  • Early detection of situations including leaks of harmful substances
  • Prevention of situations including leaks of harmful substances.

Open Cosmos was founded by Rafael Jordà Siquier, an aerospace engineer, driven by the idea of democratising satellites.

Prior to Open Cosmos, those wanting to put a satellite in space would need millions of pounds worth of funding to do so. Now, with Siquier’s innovative offering, Open Cosmos provides missions starting from £500,000, which can be delivered in a year. Open Cosmos controls the satellite once in orbit, sending the data collected from it straight to the customer.

Siquier has stated that “We try to remove barriers for our customers and we do it through a combination of hardware, software and services that together have a one-stop-shop effect where we deal with everything,”

“We want to provide our customers with as many launch opportunities as possible to as many orbits as possible from any continent in the world.”