Startup of the Week: OpenSensors

  • OpenSensors was founded by Malcolm Sparks and Yodit Stanton.
  • The startup utilises data to provide solutions on how to optimise a workplace.
  • So far, the company have raised a total $4.1 million over the course of 4 funding rounds.


With the UK’s ‘Freedom Day’ now here and people no longer asked to work from home, many businesses will be planning on how to manage a safe return to the office. That’s where innovative services such as our Startup of the Week for this week OpenSensors comes in, helping to deliver workplace transformation solutions powered by data.

OpenSensors’ co-founder Yondit Stanton started OpenSensors after researching how her daughter’s asthma was affected by environmental factors, realising that air quality could be measured by inexpensive sensors, ultimately improving the environment of indoor spaces.

OpenSensors’ technology provides valuable insights on how a company’s workspaces are being utilised, and therefore how they can help to optimise their spaces in a safely. With OpenSensors, businesses can both manage and compare how a number of their buildings are utilised, forecast how much space is really required, and monitor changes that emerge.



OpenSensors can also help businesses to monitor the air quality of their indoor workspaces, making sure that fresh air is efficiently circulated throughout the space, as well as monitoring the temperature, humidity and carbon emissions.

With offices reopening, OpenSensors can help companies to manage their seat allocations, social distancing occupancy levels, contact tracing processes and more.

Co-founder Stanton has commented that ““OpenSensors was founded to use data to measure, understand and improve the world around us. How we work and live are changing faster than we could have ever anticipated. There is a real opportunity for humanity to rethink how we use the physical world with sustainability in mind as well as making the design of workplaces better for people using them. Businesses need an efficient way to gather data about their office buildings to manage capacity so employees can return to the workplace safely and rethink design based on need rather than the status quo.”

The startup state their mission is to “make sustainability (human, social, economic and environmental improvements) a reality for every workplace in the world.”

So far, OpenSensors has raised $4.1 million, and has held 4 funding rounds – its latest a Seed Round announced in December 2020, that raised $4 million.