Startup of the Week: Patch


TechRound’s startup for this week is…Patch! Helping aspiring green thumbs find the best plants for their space. Patch is a service which helps you to find great plants for your homes and gardens, delivering them straight to your door along with advice on plant care.

Patch was founded in 2015 by Freddie Blackett, who was inspired to help people create their little patch of greenery after moving in with his girlfriend. Freddie claims that in his efforts to put a stamp on what was originally his girlfriend’s place he made it his “mission to turn the bare, unloved balcony into an urban garden that we could be proud of.” 

However, this turned out to be more of a struggle than originally intended, unaware of what plants he liked or which ones would thrive on the balcony.

After buying some supermarket plants and watching them die within a month, Freddie was then determined to try again, and begun reading books on gardening to create a patch that was better, and more resilient than the last.



Feeling a Little Less Blue With a Lot More Green

After learning a bit more about gardening, the founder realised he wasn’t the only one who had struggled to create a garden in the city, and created Patch as a way of helping other struggling urban gardeners.

Patch offers a variety of different plants sourced from some of the top UK suppliers. Patch’s plants are categorised to help customers find the most suitable plants for their space, listed under the following:

  • Indoor plants
  • Outdoor plants
  • Plants that like direct sunlight
  • Plants that like the shade
  • Plants that can handle the wind
  • Plants that can’t handle the wind

Since its launch, this innovative UK startups has delivered over 250,000 plants to more than 82,000 customers across London and Paris. Late last year, the company raised £1.8 million through a Crowdcube campaign, which is being used for further expansion and growth of the business in a variety of key areas.

Patch aims to brighten up life with vibrant plants that have adorable names (they have a cactus called Spike), as they feel “everyone should feel a little less blue while living with a lot more green.” To find out more on Patch or to browse through their products, please visit this page.