Startup Of The Week: Peanut

  • Peanut is a social networking app designed specifically for mothers.
  • Peanut aims to alleviate the isolation and challenges faced by mothers during their journey into motherhood. It provides a supportive community where mothers can connect, share experiences, and find companionship.
  • The company boasts over one million users and has secured $9.8 million in funding.

Peanut App Review: Tried And Tested By A Mum

What is Peanut?

Peanut is a social networking app dedicated to mothers. Founded in 2017 by Michelle Kennedy and Greg Orlowski, Peanut was born out of CEO Michelle Kennedy’s own experiences as a new mother in 2013. Feeling isolated among her friends without children, she envisioned a platform that would make the journey of motherhood less daunting and more empowering.

Peanut’s core mission is to reduce the sense of isolation and empower women by creating a global community of mothers.

The app enables mothers to connect, share thoughts, and exchange experiences with fellow mothers. Whether it’s fertility, pregnancy, or parenting, Peanut provides a safe space for women to connect and support each other. With over a million users and $9.8 million in funding, Peanut has gained recognition as a high-standard health and wellbeing app. In 2019, it expanded its focus to include women trying to conceive, further solidifying its commitment to women’s well-being and support throughout their motherhood journey.

“Peanut focuses on the quality of connections, not the quantity. You come for the tool and you stay for the community.”


– Michelle Kennedy, CEO and Founder at Peanut


Is there a market for motherhood-focused social networking?

The market for motherhood-focused social networking is substantial and growing. Peanut’s success, with over a million users, reflects the demand for a platform that addresses the unique challenges and experiences of mothers. In an increasingly digital world, where new mothers may find themselves isolated, Peanut serves as a vital support system.

Key stats show that women represent a significant share of social media users, making them a valuable target audience. Moreover, the emphasis on health and well-being during pregnancy and motherhood aligns with the current trend towards wellness and self-care. With Peanut’s expansion into fertility, it taps into a critical market segment, catering to women actively trying to conceive.

Peanut’s impressive funding, including investments from renowned firms like Index Ventures and celebrity-backed funds, highlights investor confidence in this sector. The combination of market demand, technological innovation, and Peanut’s commitment to empowering mothers makes it a promising venture in the social networking landscape.

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Where can you find Peanut?

Are you a mother seeking connection, support, and empowerment? Download the Peanut app today and join a thriving community of mothers worldwide.

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