Startup of the Week: Pickr


Our Startup of the Week is…Pickr! Optimising the way businesses find and hire contractors.

Contract work is becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK, however until the likes of Pickr it seemed the process of finding and hiring contractors hadn’t caught up – often being a lengthy and costly process. Recognising the need for innovation in this area, Kane Halsey founded Pickr in 2017, making the process of finding and hiring contractors quicker and easier than ever before.

The startup has raised a total of £1 million in funding over the course of two funding rounds, and last year reached the final for “Telecoms Project of the Year” at the National Technology Awards – dubbed as “the most comprehensive celebration of technology in the year.”

Through its app Pickr offers businesses an extensive online community of over 10,000  contractors, helping to significantly reduce the time it takes to fill up vacant roles. Pickr’s services are so transformative they can cut down search times from an average of 12 days to just 15 hours. Therefore, through Pickr, businesses could theoretically have a role filled within one working day of advertising it.



Companies using Pickr will be able to access impressive insights on potential candidates, including predictive analytics into their reliability (using past working experiences). The startup claim:

“We exist to help ambitious contractors and businesses work better together, to do essential work.”

“We enable businesses to deliver major infrastructure projects, by changing the way they build and empower their delivery teams.”

“Pickr is a technology-first solution to getting the job done. We want to make the transition as simple and effective as possible for our partners.”

Since relaunching in 2019, Pickr has gained nearly 9,000 users on its app. The innovative startup has also paid out wages of more than £1 million, whilst commissioning an impressive 82,000 working hours for projects across the country.